Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Penelope... almost 15 months

It seems like I haven't really updated you on life with Penelope. She's going to be 15 months on July 29, and it's so weird. I thought her first year flew by (it did) but it seems this year is going just as quickly. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant, maybe it's because time is unforgiving, I don't know. But it seems like she changes SO much every day and it's hard for even me to keep up.

Penelope absolutely loves being outside. I don't blame her, being in the house all day, every day can get really boring no matter what I introduce as fun new stuff. So we try to get out for a little bit every day.
She's not good at slides, doesn't understand the concept of sitting down and sliding and she's not adventurous about it. Which is so unlike her because this is the kid who is an absolute maniac in every other aspect.
Gone are the gentle days where she's sweet, shy, and apprehensive. Sure, she's shy and apprehensive around people, but give her time and she will be jumping on furniture, climbing on everything, running everywhere, throwing things. She is so unlike Olivia and Jackson in the activity department.
We've been going to a Baby & Me class geared for kids 0-3 years on Tuesdays. It's such a pain for me to get there because I'm so tired and it's exhausting peeling her off of shelves that she wants to climb.
But overall, it's been good. She gets to play with kids but doesn't understand the whole sharing concept and will go right up to a kid and take whatever it is they have. Some kids just stand there dumbfounded while others will push her down. Then she cries and runs to me like she's the absolute victim here.

Have I mentioned this is exhausting?
She is obsessed with play jewelry and floral lei's. She really likes her Minnie Mouse with snap on outfits. We can't snap them on yet, but she will sit there quietly and try for the longest time.
Oh yes, and she's very concerned about the animals eating and drinking. Usually when one of them are at the dish, she's right there supervising. I keep telling Matt it's a matter of time before she eats and drinks out of the bowl with them.
Oh yes, and she really, REALLY loves flowers. If she sees them outside, she must pick them. She likes to bring them and stick them on my belly because it's very table like right now.
And the water table... we cannot get enough water table. She will happily soak herself and if I'm lucky, go over to the sand box and lay in it to fully get every bit of dirt she can.
I don't get nearly enough pictures of her with her siblings, and I need to do better, because it's really the sweetest. Olivia carries Penelope around and Penelope likes to go into Olivia's room and just touch everything that's normally off limits. And Jackson is basically the love of her life. He doesn't always know what to do to make her happy but he sure tries and she knows he's the one to go to if she wants to get wild and crazy.
She is still a full mama's girl though. Absolutely my total love bug.
Oh yes, and she still feeds Twinky treats and her snack even when I say no. These two are best buds for sure.
But she has the sweetest little personality. She's so shy and will hide her head, or bend over and touch her head to the ground if you try to talk to her. OR she'll give you the rudest look ever and I'm sorry I haven't gotten this on film yet but I'm trying! She takes after me in so many ways and she's going to be the kid to let you know she doesn't care for you despite your feelings. I have to work on that with her for sure.
Oh yes, and sometimes our outdoor adventures aren't easy. On this day she fell into my mom's garden and she's still not a fan of grass so she sat here saying "out" with her hands up until I got her. It was kind of hilarious and you know I had to take a picture to document it before I actually helped her.
She really is happy almost every day. We've had some particularly trying days as of late and I'm chalking it up to massive teething (my guess is four are coming in on top and possibly two more on bottom) and it's been really quite challenging to remain calm and tell myself that she won't cry all day every day forever.

Oh yes, and her hair. She has this swoop of hair that is kind of too short to put in a pony (though I clearly tried on the Fourth of July as you can see) but she doesn't really like hair clips or bows and promptly pulls them out. You'd think she'd like not having hair in her face but apparently I don't know what is cool in toddler fashion.

Overall? She is a fun kid. She really is. She is also moody now and can be a super lovable beast. She gets hungry at the same time every day and I keep saying she's like a real life Snickers commercial- she's just not her when she's hungry.

I'm really worried about life with a newborn and Penelope and how I'm going to wrangle all of that together. I'm grateful my mom lives only a few minutes from me so she is willing to help me at least until I can get some kind of routine established. I already feel like the month of August is going to be an absolute blur. So think good things for us as we enter the land of life with four children. The brochure makes it sound terrifying.

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jn said...

Hi Sara.....Your daughter is abslolutely adorable !! Don't worry so much about what will be........take it one day at a time and enjoy the little moments. Remember....memories are being made....and your blog is a great way to journel it all. They are not little for just seems that way at the time. Trust me, I speak from experience. Take care and stay cool !!