Monday, July 15, 2019

Sara.... walks...

If you didn't sing that like Kanye West's Jesus Walks, I wonder how we've become friends. Honestly.

I don't know where you live but where I live (northern Wisconsin) it's been pretty dang hot outside. If you remember from last week, I'm pretty sure the sun is trying to kill me.

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It was like that all week so it was crappy for being outside. But you know who walked three times last week in the blazing sun and almost died?

Your girl, boo. 

I also wasn't followed by the neighborhood creeper either, so that was exciting. 

I would have gotten more in but on Tuesday I drove almost 4 hours away for a concert with Jackson (more on that... Wednesday or Thursday) and spent the night. But I think I walked about a half a mile from where we parked to the place and then another half mile back because I couldn't remember how to get back to the car and it's a really good thing my 11 year old son did. 

I didn't do anything Friday or Saturday because you know when you just need to relax and do nothing at home? 

I didn't do that. 

Instead I grocery shopped on Friday (I'm not kidding, I probably walked 1.5 miles in Aldi because that store has the dumbest layout ever) (and I'm angry because ALL of my produce? Looked GREAT on Friday, all rotting on Saturday, I'm so, so angry and it reinforces that Aldi's low prices aren't worth it). Sigh. On Saturday I took three of the kids and Matt to Target to get school supplies. I know, it's July and we have time, what is wrong with me

I'll tell you- I hate crowds. I'm not going to battle Susan over specific colored folders or wait for Karen to just pick a god damn pack of pencils because they are JUST PENCILS and your kid is going to lose them anyways. 


So I go now and I got all 3 of the kids who need supplies done for under $60. Not including the calculator that Olivia needs which was not in stock anywhere so you can guarantee I will buy that online because I am not going to go back to Target or Walmart until I absolutely have to. 

Which is hopefully mid-September. 

So maybe I did do something after all. 
On Sunday it was significantly cooler and felt like it was going to rain all day but was still 75ish, so I took the girls for a walk in the afternoon. I thought I was going to die by the time we came home so I found this 2 foot by 2 foot patch of shade in my front yard and sat in it. My shade moves as the day goes on so I have to keep moving my chair. But I read while the kids played in the pool. 

The plan for this week is to walk as much as possible. It's kind of becoming a relaxing thing for me so that's been nice. This week is also kind of stressful. 
  • Gastro follow up after my endoscopy and colonoscopy
  • Lucy has speech on Monday which is also a pre-evaluation evaluation from the school district to see if she qualifies for help, and I'm sure she will
  • Jackson starts therapy- I'm a nervous wreck
  • Lucy has surgery on Wednesday, I'm a nervous wreck
  • Lucy has speech on Friday which may or may not happen depending on how she feels post surgery
  • BUT! I get to hang out with Amy on Saturday and we're touring a museum and see some fancy gowns. 
This is when all of the summer stuff starts happening and it's like a down hill slide into fall now. I keep telling myself that I am going to buy season appropriate gear that fits so I can keep walking outside because it is infinitely better than being inside on a treadmill. Ugh. 


coach-daddy said...

Look. at. you. You look awesome. And you sound awesome, too. Like, there's shit going on, but you've got this. You triggered me 3,294 times with the Aldi layout and such. I get 3.2 miles of walking in just to get gawdam tortillas and animal crackers.

And the produce! Great prices, but everything goes from unripe to ripe in exactly 47 seconds. Bullshit. I also hated as a kid going to Target and seeing Back To School shit right after Independence Day.

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

Look at you go walking in this disgusting weather! I give you mad props my friend! I've been getting back to working out but I've kept my workouts indoors because humid weather and I do not get along. Anyway I'm super impressed and keep up the good work!

And yes I did read that to the tune of Jesus Walks. :)

Kim {Hope Whispers} said...

Get it Sara! He are hitting high 90s and my weather apps got jokes like "feels like 110" . Holy Hell. I love the heat. But the SUN is bigger in Texas I swear! And its so bright! LOL . Good on you for all that moving. I said I was going to get some back to school things this week and didn't. Next week I will! I think we are 50% done so thats good! Hope you have an amazing week!

Shann Eva said...

Nice job on the school supplies! I started to get mine, but haven't finished quite yet. It's also been hotter than hot around here, and it sucks all of my energy. That's awesome that you've been walking. I'll be thinking of all of you this week during your appointments, and I hope to read a good update soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice work! I hate getting all sweaty and walking in the heat is the worst. I am so ready for school supply season. I don't have kids to shop for, but it is my favorite holiday! :)

Lauren said...

I sweat so quick, so seriously, all the props for getting out there and walking in this insane heat. I just need a pool that I can just...sit in. That would be lovely. LOL Sounds like you have a lot going on this week, and I hope that all goes well!! thinking of you and the kiddoes. :)