Monday, July 22, 2019

Walking Queen... young and sweet... only 37....

So... that didn't flow as well as the original but close enough. I don't know where you live but where I live (the very tip of Lake Superior) it was hot as balls all week. But you know what I did? 

 I walked like 5 times. I didn't take pictures every time because I forgot but! I took a picture of me on Monday holding my umbrella because it was sprinkling and looked like it  might downpour but I brought an umbrella because I am only kind of a wussy. I didn't end up needing it because it was still like 82 and I was so warm so the rain actually felt pretty alright. Tuesday was an OK day to walk. Wednesday it was even warmer so as soon as I got home I had to shower because not only was I sweaty and gross, but I couldn't cool down fast enough. Which, I'm finding I'm having a harder and harder time doing so that's inconvenient. Thursday I walked in the morning and promptly came home and ate two Bomb Pops for breakfast because I am a champion. Friday I ended up skipping my neighborhood walk and instead walked around Walmart for an hour with Olivia trying to find a birthday gift for her friend. I put in easily more than a mile and left there irritated to boot because she is the worst shopper. Never has any ideas, never knows what people like, it's just the worst. Saturday I walked around Glensheen Mansion and I was actually pretty tired when I was done so I think in all I did maybe a mile and a half? 

Sunday was rest day because I'm not a masochist. 

This week is going to be kind of stressful and a lot busy. 

Monday I have therapy (THANK GOD) and Lucy has speech where we go over her latest assessment. Tuesday we meet with the school district for an IEP/see-if-you're-bad-enough-to-qualify-for-services meeting. It's pretty bad that I hope Lucy scores low enough to be able to receive services as school. So... cross your fingers. Wednesday I see my psychiatrist to talk about my medications and I like that doctor so that will be fun. Lucy has speech again on Friday and then on Sunday we go to the parenting hell hole also known as Day Out with Thomas the Train! 

Matt is super thrilled. He remembers when we took Olivia and Jackson way back in 2011. 
I actually had to find it in a scrapbook because I didn't remember it and apparently it was hot, it was loud, people were rude, and we got suckered into buying two hats that cost me almost $60. 

So. Should be a good weekend. Ha!

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Are you walking? Running? Squats? Eating ice cream on the couch for two meals a day? 


Kim {Hope Whispers} said...

Girl you are major inspo for me! Although today I woke up sick and am eating my kids leftover chicken nuggets. I need to start walking. And you really do inspired me to just get it done. Even if its not 5 miles, a walk or two around the block is better than nothing right? Also, a friendly reminder, DON'T BUY HATS AGAIN! LOL . Maybe spend that money on a margarita instead. Sounds more worth it :)

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

Woot woot, keep on walking girl! You're doing amazing! And OMG Day Out With Thomas...we brought my kiddo up for that event two years ago and never again. I'll be thinking of you, lol.

mypixieblog said...

I’m so glad you mentioned your giveaway bc friggin IG and their algorithm changes—I feel like I never see the things I want to see in my feed. Anyway just entered! Also you did a lot of walking this weekend—that’s awesome!! I don’t remember if you said so but do you have a Fitbit or a way to keep track of all steps? It’s helped me so much bc now I can see where I am by end of day and I will walk in place if I’m close enough to that 10k :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Look at you! I was most definitely lazy last week when it was hot as hell. LOL I totally applaud you for getting out and walking - that's awesome. I really need to do that more, or just some form of exercise more. hah Oooh good luck with the Day Out with Thomas. Definitely don't buy the hats. ;) And thank you again for helping out with a giveaway for my blogoversary. That picture is adorable!