Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mackenzie's Pleasure

EEK, one of the best finds (for me) at my local library book sale this spring was easily this book from Linda Howard. I didn't have it, didn't know it was out there and now I find it's third in a series? Hello discount book sites on payday- I'm coming for them all! Because honest to goats, this is easily one of my favorite romance authors, hands down. I love her.

Linda, I love you. Totally like we could be best friends and I would wear a "I heart Linda" shirt. All day.

Mackenzie's Pleasure - Linda Howard
Mackenzie's Pleasure (Mackenzie Family, #3)
Barrie needed a saviour. The terrorists holding her hostage surely wouldn''t tolerate her silence much longer. Instead they would silence her. Then out of the darkness he arrived. Rugged and dangerous, he led her straight into his sheltering arms.'

I love Linda so much I don't even read what the book is about, I impulse buy and just... enjoy them. All. I enjoy them all. The scenarios are cheesy as all get out and I don't even care because there has never been a Linda Howard book I have not loved and this one is no exception. Because Linda can write and she just gets all of the feelings and you just want to be the girl and you just want your husband to be the guy or if you're single you'll switch your online dating profile to select guys who are Navy SEAL's or CIA and that slims it down but these books? These books make you want that. 


So this book is about Barrie, daughter of an embassy big shot who just happens to get herself kidnapped. Enter Zane, Navy SEAL sent to rescue her, who is just the epitome or studly man and you'd literally try to get yourself kidnapped if you knew he'd be the one coming for you. They have a short lived time together but a LOT of danger and sexy times happen and then she's thrust back into "normal" life. Except she hates it and she wants to be with Zane. And it's beyond a Stockholm Syndrome or hero complex, she developed actual feelings for him. 

And so had Zane. But he struggled with getting in touch with her because her father put the stops on everything. Until he realized something and somehow, finds her. BUT THEN! Danger ensues because as it turns out, the people who kidnapped Barrie are still out there and it turns out to be closer to home than she realized. 

It's a good book. It's not very long and I got through it on one afternoon without an issue. I'm totally in love with this one so I'm obviously going to get the others in the series, which are all stand alone titles such as this one. 

You can find other books by Linda via her publisher site HERE. If you are fan of romance novels at all, please check out Linda- you surely won't be disappointed! 

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