Thursday, July 17, 2014

TBT: Bubbles and Friends.

I've been organizing my picture files on my laptop for awhile now and lawd... I have found some doozies. But more importantly, I have found some pictures that I totally forgot about and that brought a smile to my face. Like this one.

Let me set this up for you.

So Matt and I were engaged in October 2002. I don't like to do things on odd years so I decided we were going to wait to get married until 2004. But sometime in the course of early 2003 I found a great deal on mini bottles of bubbles. At the time, bubbles were THE thing to do at weddings so I obviously bought 150 bottles. Then someone at work had all of this silver and blue ribbon they were going to throw away and those were my colors and it was fate, I tell you.

But anyone who knows me in real life knows I am such a pain in the ass when it comes to getting things done. I am that girl that gets as much done as far in advance as I can because I know at heart, I'm a procrastinator. If I let it sit, I'll be struggling all the way to the end to finish. And this wedding was going to be low budget and as stress free as I could make it. And to highlight how stress free it was? I had schedules for the day before and the day of for every person. Whatever your role in the wedding was, it was customized for you. Absolutely nobody could ever play the "I didn't know where I should be" card because I gave them dummy instructions.

Seriously, my OCD knows no bounds.

But my best friend and Maid of Honor, Lisa, is such a trooper. Honestly. It was just her and Matt's sister in my wedding party so poor Lisa got to listen to my crazy almost daily and to make matters worse, she was in three weddings that summer. Mine was the first, followed by her sister's two weeks later and then her friend two months after that. Lisa was literally, the best Maid of Honor I could have asked for.

So naturally, when it came down to tying two colors of ribbons on 150 bottles, I called on her and she came. We spent hours doing this. Doing this until our finger tips were numb. It was really the worst craft project ever. We got them all done in one evening and I packed them away.

Fast forward 9 months and it's the wedding. I diligently pulled out the box, brought them to the church to have them handed to guests as they exited pews. Only to discover that some of the bubbles evaporated. Like, some people got totally empty bottles and were completely confused. At that point, I didn't really care because what are you going to do? So us walking out into a neighborhood of bubbles turned out to be more like us walking out with random bubbles that looked like some kid in the neighborhood had been playing earlier. It wasn't quite the exit I had hoped for.

And by god- I still have that ribbon. It's out of sheer principle I don't throw it away. But I had this picture on my fridge for the longest time and I had forgotten all about it until my computer file sorting project. So thanks, Lisa- you were such a trooper and I don't think you know how much I appreciated your skills at tying ribbon (and curling!).

PS) Matt would like it noted that he hand embossed our wedding invitations. Sadly, no pictures of this exist but I will confirm that he did in fact hand emboss 125 wedding invitations. (I did the first 25 before deciding that was the worst project ever and that the groom should participate in this as well.)

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Life Love & High Heels said...

I wish i knew where all my pics were for TBT. It's fun looking back :)

I totally remember the bubbles being a thing for weddings. I think my aunt did that for hers. I dont think they do anything now days? At least nothing has been done for the ones I've been to recently. hmm...