Saturday, May 24, 2008

Play Time

Olivia loves holding Jackson- and she can do it best while sitting in her Elmo chair. Jack thinks this is great fun- except she tends to squeeze him. :)

Olivia was showing Jackson different rattles and he was having a great time- mostly watching her.

The funniest thing is watching Olivia play with him, then she'll start the baby talk. She says "Oh you're so cuuuute!!" and make other baby voices and noises. It's adorable.

Goofy Olivia

Olivia has a pet crocodile- this is him. He doesn't have a name, but he sits on her lap so she can "pet him". She was terrified of this toy when she was little, but since we dragged out our baby toys- she fell in love with him.
Also, Olivia is quite the fashion maven. You'll see she has her jean dress on, a jacket, a hat, her backpack, her white tights, and of course- her "rubber rubbers". She walked around the house saying, "model, model, model" and telling me she was ready for school!

One day, she will probably hate me for taking this picture, along with several others. When I would pump milk for Jackson, she insisted on helping me. So on this particular morning, she grabbed one of the parts and was trying to pump while watching Mickey Mouse. Every time I had to pump, she'd drop what she was doing and would help me out. What a great helper. :)

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day this year! The kids let me sleep in an extra hour, which is like heaven and a great gift by itself. Matt and the kids got me a gift certificate to get my hair highlighted and some other stuff. I haven't decided when I'm going to make my appointment- but it will be before I go back to work.

Every year I try to take a picture of me and Olivia on Mother's Day, so we did that, but we also took one of Jackson, too. I can't believe she's changed so much- and Jackson is practically sitting on his own at 5 or 6 weeks here!!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Well I finally had my oral surgery- what an ordeal. It only took three specialists to figure out what to do- but it's over and done with now. I look super, too- my face is all puffy and bruised, obviously I'm not posting pictures of it! :) In the end I'm missing a molar, so I'm having a hard time eating, which might assist me in my weight loss goal. Olivia is worried she's going to lose teeth now- and wants to go to the "tooth doctor" all the time. Luckily- she doesn't go for another year so we'll hope she's as eager then as she is now!

Jackson had his first "play date" today. Our neighbors have a boy that is Olivia's age, his name is Gavin. Gavin now has a baby sister named Norrie. It's pretty cool because Olivia is one month older than Gavin, and Jackson is month older than Norrie. Olivia and Gavin had a great time playing with toys, especially the train set. Jackson and Norrie just stared at each other and took turns spitting up on us moms. But it was really nice to get out of the house and let Olivia and Gavin play together. Hopefully both sets of kids grow up to be good friends- it is really nice to have other kids so close by.

Tonight Olivia had her first Dilly Bar from DQ. What a mess. I would have taken pictures, but I spent more time cleaning up ice cream off the floor before the cat got to it. She had ice cream in her hair, down her shirt and somehow managed to cover one sock in it. Who knows how she does it- but it was fun to watch. She usually just has ice cream in a bowl- I've never given her ice cream bars for fear of the mess- which was totally confirmed tonight. But she had a great time so I'm sure that will be a regular request from now on. :)

Stay tuned- tomorrow I will be uploading some more pictures. We're having a BBQ with Matt's parents tomorrow so maybe I'll get some cute ones. Olivia is going "worm hunting" in the flower bed- so I'm sure that will yield some cute ones. Take care!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Our New Blog

Well since I can't seem to keep up with my emails and phone calls giving everyone the updates on us, the kids, the house, etc- I figured I would start our blog and let everyone check it when they want to. Now let's just hope I can continue updating this!

First off, things at home with two kids is going well. It's a big adjustment, but we've got somewhat of a routine down and thank goodness Olivia is such a great kid because if she wasn't it'd be harder. She's getting used to Jackson and his needs, but we've been making special time for her and I think that's been helpful. She still likes to do things with just us, but has really warmed up to Jackson and absolutely adores him. She often sings to him when he gets fussy and tries so hard to make him feel better. His reflux isn't easy on anyone, but she's been such a trooper.

One of my favorite things is when she will randomly come to me, give me a hug and kiss and say, "Love you, mommy". Just out of the blue, no reason whatsoever. She is such a great girl- and although I enjoy watching her get bigger and more independent, I look at Jackson and I realize how fast it really does go by.

Olivia is 90% potty trained. She goes all by herself in the potty at home, has even used a public bathroom (yuck!), but she obviously needs a pull up during naps and bedtime. I'm ok with that- but having her potty trained before Jackson came was a goal and I'm so glad she was on board with it. We give M&M's as "prizes" but she doesn't even want one most of the time anymore.

Jackson is getting SO big! He's six weeks old and we can tell he's gaining weight and getting longer. At his two week appointment, he gained one pound and grew 4 inches!!! That's amazing. But he also eats every two hours, almost 4 ounces so he's quite the eater! :)

OK- so I will post some more pictures and more updates soon. Keep checking back!