About Me

I'm Sara, I'm organized to a fault but live in a state of chaos that only I can navigate. (It's true, nobody in this house can understand my rationale for how I put towels away or why it's important that labels face out). 
I'm friendly and bitchy all at the same time. I'm optimistic and pessimistic. I'm also a few shades of crazy but it just adds to the charm.
Contrary to what this picture shows, I'm not really Russian. I've never even been to Russia. Is it even really called Russia anymore? I'm also not totally knowledgeable on geography and such.
I'm sarcastic, sometimes funny, honest, sometimes raw, and fun. I'm a pretty up front person, I don't believe in not telling it like it is. You'll want to get to know me now before I hit it big. Which may require me to sleep with people, like Chelsea Handler did.

Which may be a problem for Matt.. my husband. We've been together since 2002 and married since 2004. How.. I'm not sure. We make it work. It's never easy, it's not perfect, but we're doing it every day (not literally, we aren't rabbits and we're tired a lot). Most importantly....

 Olivia is 12 and Jackson is 10, 
 Penelope is almost 3, 
and Lucy is 1 1/2. She's my AFE baby, she's the sole reason I'm on a journey to find the new Sara...

...we make really cute effing kids. There is no denying that we should keep reproducing. Sadly, it's not going to happen since Matt said he doesn't want to do midnight feedings anymore. Just kidding, he's fixed and I'm broken, there shall be no more babies put forth from my uterus!

Since I'm not working full time anymore, I have to fill my time somehow. Which means in all of my spare time I take care of the kids, sort of, I try to do all of the activities I used to be able to do that are now harder with my disabilities from Lucy's birth. It's been a tough 18 months so far but I'm limping along. Sometimes our house falls apart and I'm the only one concerned about this. Also, sometimes one of our three cats puke on the floor and because I don't do fluids, I will leave it for Matt to clean up. I've been to known to hide in my closet from my kids because sometimes I just need to not be touched. 

And last, but certainly never least, I blog about it all here for you. Because you are my little lambwhores (and goatsluts) and you make my day.