Thursday, March 26, 2009


I found the solution to our lack of family portraits and the popular one hand picture!!! Behold- the greatest thing EVER!

It's called the XShot. Now I might sound like an idiot because this might not be new, but it's new to me! Basically it's a fold up stick that you can quickly mount your camera to so that you can take pictures. Of yourself doing fun and awesome things. Perfect for the loser on vacation by themselves or couples with short arms. Like us. You can learn about all of the fabulous-ness of this new toy and the techie stuff at: XShot. And the next great thing? It's only $29.95!!!! Matt and I are totally getting this and he's already anticipating being the one carrying this around. I told him now he just needs a man bag! HAHA!! :)

But here are some old pictures of us with Matt's famous one hand picture taking! You'll notice that we used to do road trips to places 1+ hours away for absolutely no reason. My favorites was the donut run to Hinckley, almost 2 hours away which we did at 10 at night- just so I can get a great donut. Oh, and the drive to Hayward to play mini golf- even though there are lots of perfectly good mini golf courses close to us. OH- and Matt's personal favorite- the

On the side of the road somewhere on the way to Bayfield.

Road trip to Hayward to play mini golf. 2004

Spending the day at Pattison Park 2003

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Awesome new blog discovered

OK- you know how I love looking for new blogs. I have some requirements for it to be awesome, none of which I'm going to share! HAHA!! :)

But seriously- check out this blog: I had a great time reading it. I found an awesome tutorial for a canvas bag that hangs behind your car seats. Now, if only I knew someone who could and would sew it for me since we all know I'm apparently not capable of learning how to sew. Not even with a machine. That's really just sad. OK- so if you would like to do it for me, let me know. :) HA!!

Conversations with Olivia

I really need to be writing this stuff down in a book somewhere because I have some interesting conversations with Olivia. Usually when she's busy coloring and I'm scrapbooking (we do these together at the dining room table). Last night was no different, here's our convo about cows:

O: I think we need a pet cow.
M: Really? What would you do with a cow?
O: I would love it, pet it, and squeeze it.
M: Where would you squeeze it?
O: On it's belly mom. They puke when you do that.
M: Oh I didn't know that. Did you know that's where milk comes from?
O: EEWW!! That's disgusting mom.
M: Sorry, but true.
O: Well daddy and I are building a cow bed tomorrow. And a house.
M: Oh- really? Does daddy know this?
O: Of course, it was his idea.
M: What are you going to feed the cow? He might get hungry.
O: Mama! You have to feed it water and cheerios. They like o's.
M: That's it? Just water and o's?
O: Well, if he goes potty he can have a m. (m= m&m's)

:) she is such a character!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I forgot the crafty stuff!!

OOPS! :) I forgot all of the crafty stuff I've done! How did that happen??

OK- so here are the couple of cards I did last night, a page or two, and yes- the finished tacklebox!

For my card group:

The TACKLEBOX! This turned out to be a pain. You'll notice I didn't paint the pee yellow color. I struggled with ways to paint it, tried a few things but nothing worked the way I wanted it to. I ended up turning it into my do-da box because I didn't have one for bigger things which is what I needed. Both sides are decoarated with the same paper and ribbon, but the other side has a green flower.

One side of the inside. I'm putting some of my bigger odds and ends in here because I have no other place they fit nicely.

The other inside shot. The long slots are a weird size so I didn't know what to put in there. Finally I realized it'd be a perfect spot to put my chipboard letters! The red and yellow ones are glitter- so glitter gets on everything. It's nice to have the glitter contained to one little area instead of all over my desk. Obviously- I have room to grow, so that means I can shop guilt free! :) HAHA!

The Last Week...

So sorry I've been a total blogger reject lately! We have all been really sick and are just coming out of the germ induced coma. Wew've been busy, had fun, but sick along the way! Here's a quick recap of it all:

Last Saturday a good friend of mine, Kelli, threw a fab party for her daughter Sophia who turned 2! I sympathize with winter birthdays because you are really limited as far as things to do up here- but we all have cabin fever and it's a happy day when we have a party to go to! Sophia was adorable as usual, and the kids all had a blast! Jackson toddled around and Olivia made a new friend, Sonja, who's mom is one of Kelli's friends. It was fun all around and it's nice to meet new people!
Jackson being super cute. (Sorry blogger is being ghetto about pictures again.)
Olivia and her new friend:

Then it has been relatively nice this week so Matt has been helpful and picked the kids up from my mom's house for me. Thankfully we live close enough to her (about 7 blocks or so) that we can walk. Jackson was THRILLED because he hasn't really been outside a whole lot. Olivia walked like a big girl (only tripped on her feet once) and Jackson got to ride the very easy to push car we got as a gift last year.

Jackson driving:

Olivia hugging the snowman which is frozen into our grass still
That's pretty much been it. This week will be crazy again but that's ok. I am prepping for Jackson's first birthday party on Saturday. Ugh- I can't even talk about it. I'm so depressed- my baby won't stop growing!! Olivia is thrilled and keeps asking if we'll have cake. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Elmo Can

Just finished the project I started tinkering with a couple of weeks ago. I had a big coffee can and didn't know what to do with it. We have a big Elmo chair the kids totally love and I decided to recreate the chair into a can. I made one already that the kids use for small toys and they argue over it, so I'm making another one so they each have one!

I used felt with adhesive to cover the can as well as for the nose and mouth. I used red furry trim around the top of the can since the felt didn't go all the way to the top. I think this one is going to be used for an Elmo themed party we're going to this Saturday. Olivia bought her friend Sophia something cute for her birthday and wants to put it in the can. We got Sophia something else but Olivia is very insistent on putting her thing in the can. :)

Miscellaneous Cuteness

Forgot these pictures were on my camera and thought I'd share! :)
Olivia playing "kitchen and shopper":

Jackson following me:

Jackson enjoying some of my birthday cake:

Olivia eating cake too:

27 years... so far

Today I am turning the big 2-7. Not super monumental but fun anyways despite the fact that I had a raging sore throat and a migraine that I have successfully gotten rid of thanks to lots of meds. :) But now it's snowing and we're in teh middle of a storm so we'll see about tomorrow. I had to take half a day off Monday because Olivia was sick, I was sick today, and now I might not be at work if there is a ton of snow and -50. Very unproductive week at work to say the least.

For my birthday I got my iPod from Matt and the kids, Travis (my lil' bro) got the docking station for my van (YAY!!), and my parents got me a funky necklace and a small Smurfette. :) I had a very cool birthday overall despite being sick. I have my self thrown party on Sunday at my house- I am scrapbooking ALL DAY with my friends. :) I'm super excited about that and look forward to ordering some new goodies from Stampin! Up.

For those who have asked- my revamped tackle box is coming. I have finally found some paper that matches the pee yellow/gold color of the box since spray paint and other coloring options didn't work the way I hoped. I'm having to embrace the horrible color and work with it- which is turning into a challenge. It'll be cute though- still don't know what I am going to do with it yet!

I joined my old monthly stamp group again. A few years ago I participated in a monthly card swap/stamp group that I totally loved. I had to drop out because of life and not enough money in the budget to justify spending $20 each month of fun stuff. So now that things are better I got invited to join again and I'm super excited. It is such a great group of ladies and I really am looking forward to making some new friends.

Speaking of friends- I'm seriously on a role! I joined Curves last week, caught up with an old high school buddy, made a new mommy friend in Olivia's toddler class and feel super good this week. OK- so I have more pictures to post later this week, but for tonight I'm climbing back into bed! :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Week In Review

Lots of busy things this week, but I'll make it as short & sweet as possible! :)

Jackson playing with my beloved Furfy (a Smurfette from the 80's- Original BABY!) after breaking into a locked cabinet to get it.

Jackson is a stinker. I love him dearly- I really do. He keeps me (and the rest of us) on our toes all of the time. We never had to "baby proof" with Olivia- no meant no and she got it. Jackson thinks it's hilarious. I'm constantly pick up after him. So if you come to my house and it's a disaster- just know that I try. I really do.

Snack and movie time with Olivia

Olivia has been doing better with the sass and attitude. This week she got a reprieve from her little brother because Matt's parents took her Wednesday night into Thursday. We call these "adventures" and she was so excited to go. I miss her a lot when she's gone since I look forward to reading and tucking her in at bedtime so I get lonely when I don't have her here. It's great for her to be away from us and usually when she comes back she's sweet as pie for a few days. Blessing! When she came back on Thursday late afternoon- she WANTED to be nice to her brother. Made my day.

Checking "the trap"

Matt thinks we have a mouse in the house. Gross. I hate mice. He set up a trap underneath the microwave cart but so far nothing has been caught. I find it hilarious that it takes Matt, Olivia, Jackson and our cat Lenny to check it daily. Olivia thinks we're trying to catch a new pet.

Oh! My new iPod came. I'm amazed at how incredibly tiny it is. I'm still trying to get the hang of it and Matt put some of my favorite songs on there. I have a huge variety in what I listen to so it's fun going from Nine Inch Nails to Etta James to Sublime to Smashing Pumpkins to Fiona Apple and so on. :) Now I just want to get a docking station for my van....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Notes for the Day

I'm pretty excited to find out we are getting a Savers in Duluth. You can see their website at - it's basically an upscale Goodwill from what I told. Many weekends of treasure hunting are fast approaching me! They open the first weekend in April I guess. Yay!

Here is something disturbing. So this weekend my husband and I are watching TV, between 6 and 7 pm when this weird commerical came on. Honestly, I thought it was a Saturday Night Live preview or sketch but it was for real. It's for the website . I am not even kidding. They are advertising themselves basically for one night stands. Seriously. So being curious, I went online to see if this is real, and it absolutely is. I put in stuff for the Duluth area, and THERE WERE PEOPLE ON THERE!!!!! Can you believe this?? How is this legal? Isn't this kind of like prostitution, which is illegal? So then I looked for Superior (where I live) and I found someone I knew from high school! Yuck. How sad is this?

I also started researching stuff for our trip to Bayfield, WI for our anniversary getaway. I am so excited considering we'll be married 5 years this June and we have NEVER done anything for our anniversary. Every year I've either been pregnant, sick, or we were fighting. Keeping my fingers crossed for this year! But one of my goals this year was to go kayaking through sea caves. I'm not athletic in the least so that should be a challenge. I also read that it is 6.5 miles of paddling. Poor Matt has his work cut out for him because we all know my ass ain't paddling! :) hehe!!