Saturday, February 28, 2009

Seriously- I'm out of control

I totally just bought my birthday gift. I got an iPod Nano on eBay for $90!!!! OK, so I really wanted a blue one but ended up getting a black one- so that's slightly disappointing. But getting it for $50 cheaper makes up for it. Matt told me if I buy one more thing he is disconnecting our internet. He hasn't figured out that most of my purchases have been done at work. :) hee hee!!

OK- so I'm out of control. Is there a 12 step program for this? I told my husband it's his own fault because he told me about the great deal. He practically handed me the license to buy it. Right??

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Toy

Oh yes folks- I have a new toy. Ok not really, it's more of a storage toy, but it is still loads of fun. I have a co-worker who is knee deep in addiction as I am but unlike me who is surrounded by paper and more paper, she's knee deep in wool. (Most recently, 15 pounds of it!) She was gifted this very cool fishing lure box which was used for the home health care agency down the hall for us for nursing supplies. Well I saw it and fell in love- visions of portable storage for my scrapbook party floating through my head. She GRACIOUSLY gave it up to me. THANK YOU, TERESA!! I am deciding what do-da's are going to go with me to my scrapbook party in this baby. I may even alter it...I think I just found myself a weekend project!! I'll post my "after" picture next week sometime!

Fun Picture

This is the scene every night at our house. I pick up the kids at my mom's house and when we come home they are so excited to see Dad. Matt is so great with them- he carries Jackson around pretty much all of the time and Olivia is totally in love with her dad. This was taken yesterday which was a rough day. No naps for either kid, Jackson has a cold and is teething, Olivia is having potty accidents again and I didn't feel good. So as I'm cleaning up the kitchen and putting our lunch boxes and dishes away I saw Matt carrying both kids and had to snap a picture. On even my worst days (which yesterday was one with work drama) these guys are what keep me sane and keep me waking up each morning. I don't care about how clean my house is, I'd rather spend time with them. I know one day Matt won't be able to carry them everywhere and they probably will want to be with their friends over us, so I'm trying to enjoy these times as much as I can.

Meatball Failure

Most of you who know me don't know what an absolute failure I am when it comes to meatballs and meatloaf. I know, those are like the easiest thing ever and you're wondering how the hell can a person mess that up. I don't know how, but I know that I somehow manage to ruin them every time. I have literally tried every meatball and meatloaf recipe I could find to no avail. Here are only SOME of the results I've had:

  • using a cookie sheet to cook the meatloaf, it turned into a burnt hamburger cookie. Black as night. I still can't figure out how it went from the loaf shape into a flat cookie shape.

  • using an actual loaf pan- it burned the entire outside (I had to use an electric knife to get through the outer layer) and the inside was totally raw.

  • trying to pan fry meatballs they started out golf ball size and ended up to be marbles. Don't know what happened there.

I could go on but really- these are painful memories. And god love Matt- he has been my tester but finally he told me to give it up. I suck at meatloaf and meatballs. He cracks jokes that when meatloaf goes on special at a restaurant that we should go so he can get his fix. Well this weekend I was absolutely determined to make some damn meatballs. (Oh- here's my confession folks- the fabulous meatballs you've had for my meatball subs aren't mine. My mom made them for me to pass off as my own. Thanks, mom!) So I cracked out my Betty Crocker Bridal Edition cookbook and found a recipe that seemed fool proof. I know I've tried this one before because it had something on the page that resembled smeared ketchup. Here are my results:

Were they good? Matt said they were "ok" which means he didn't like them. I tasted egg in them, so I couldn't eat more than one bite. Dammit. I guess I can be proud of the fact that they retained a meatball shape and were cooked all the way through. What the hell am I doing wrong?? Why can't I make a basic dish? I am a good cook- I can follow recipes, make my own versions, I just don't know what the hell I'm doing wrong. I need some private lessons or something. Is there a meatball/meatloaf expert out there??

New Cards..

So I made a few more cards tonight using scraps only! :)

These were fun- I used my new cricut machine to make the lady bug tag and the flower. I'm still getting the hang of the machine, but so far I love it.

This card doesn't open up- it looks like this. You can pull the tag out to write on it or write on the back of the card too. I've never done a card like this and for some reason it was harder to do than a regular one. Weird!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Party Till The Cows Come Home

OK- so I SWEAR this is my last post. I forgot I had this one in my "to be posted" folder- so here it is:

This is the invitation to my scrapbook/card/craft party on March 15. The front anyways! It's kind of a birthday party for me, but more of a kid-free day to do whatever. Isn't this cute? I love this stamp, it's part of a birthday set from Stampin! Up and I just love it. One of my friends quickly called and asked if I'm referring to myself as a flowered cow. Well no, not today any ways! :) But the other stamp that goes with this says, "We all know how women you age love a floral moo-moo". HA! (This is not an invitation to get me floral mumu's)

Good night!!

Card Crazy

Well I don't know about you- but I got a lot of fun stuff done tonight! I'm about to call it a night, read my magazine and hit the sack but before I do I wanted to share some fun cards I got done. I basically only did cards tonight, so here are a few:

*Friendship: (features Prima Calypso flowers. Love these!)

*Wish: (sorry for the fuzzy picture)

*Hoppy For You

*Happy Mother's Day

*Sweet Stuff (used Diamond Glaze to make the lollipop)

The Pink Elephant Challenge #2- All That Glitters

Hey yall! Here's my super quick card for the Pink Elephant Challenge this week. You were supposed to use anything with bling/sparkle/etc. SO, I used glitter paper, bling on my flowers AND used my Diamond Glaze over the word "happy" and put some pretty purple glitter on it. Super easy card- under a minute! Enjoy

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Damn you, eBay

I've decided eBay is the same as compulsive gambling. It sucks you in until you have no money left. Or maybe that's just me. :) But in this week alone, I have bought three Cricut cartridges on eBay. It starts out as a .99 bid- and you QUICKLY get sucked into a bidding war with someone and even if it's just a mediocre cartridge, you feel entitled to it. How dare this other lose bid on MY cartridge?! So ou bid higher, and higher, and finally you win. Granted, I got ridiculous deals on all three of them (the highest I paid for one was $24. Woo hoo!). But the point is that I can't seem to stop. Now today, I see there is a Cricut tote for you guessed it, .99. I'm bidding. The bargain hunter in my cannot pass a deal up. Is there an eBay-aholic group? There should be, and if there isn't I can be the founding member. :) Oh well. I just have to figure out how to sell on eBay to support my eBay purchasing addiction!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Potty Game

Despite having a pretty full weekend I made myself make time to make the Potty Game. We're definitely in need of it. TWO poop accidents this weekend from Olivia, and now she's clever enough to hide the evidence (a.k.a. panties with poop in them) in her room. Luckily- the smell leads you right to them. We'll see how this works, but it's worth a shot.

I started with cardstock as the game board, velcro circles, stickers, and some kind of paper punch. (Turn your head since Blogger is being stinky tonight)
Originially I was going to use a ruler to make the grid and figured that's nuts. I just did it in WORD (email me if you want the template) and coincidentally- it would make a fabulous BINGO board. I put a Velco circle in each spot on the grid.

I also wrote in prizes in every few squares as incentive. Two of them are ice cream treat, one is a Barbie toy, two or them are staying up either 30 or 60 minutes later, one is Dairy Queen date with no brother, and the one in the last square is a choice between a new movie (buy one) or going to see a movie at theatre (with popcorn). She seemed pretty happy.

Then I punched out 30 circles (I used circles because it's the first punch I found), using different colors of scrap cardstock. I put a reward sticker on each circle (you know, the ones that say "Dino-Mite!", etc). The back of each circle got a piece of Velcro, too.
So here is the finished project on my still in progress bulletin board:

Look- we have one circle on it already!! :)

Menu Plan Monday

OK, so it's not Monday yet,but I've got my menu all planned out for the next week. :) Most of you know I have done this for a few years now and you mostly laugh at me because I'm too organized. Well guess what? LOTS of people do it! :) LOL! I'm now hooked on Organizing Junkie, and there is a Menu Plan Monday that I'm going to start participating in. So, here's my menu for the upcoming week:

Sunday: Steak, mashed potatoes, corn
Monday: Crock Pot Chicken Stew with rice
Tuesday: Hot Dogs & Macaroni
Wednesday: Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, Fries
Thursday: Crock Pot Beef Stew with rice and biscuits
Friday: Crock Pot Turkey Breasts with stuffing, potatoes, cranberries
Saturday: Spaghetti

*Note: breakfast and lunch are on our own since we don't eat together. Saturday lunches are always sandwiches and soup, Sunday is our "Lunch Date" day, so we go to Wendy's usually for that. :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just Jackson- 10 months

Can you believe Jackson is 10 months old already? I certainly can't! I remember this time last year I was contemplating when I'd be having the baby, I thought for sure it'd be the end of March. This is about the time where Jackson pretty much stopped moving and I was in for ultrasounds practically every other week. Awful. But anyways- here are some pictures of my cutie from this afternoon, eating his favorite cookies:

Sure, I'll have a bite. :)

I love his expression here! :) He totally looks like that baby from those online stock trading commercials!

OK- so what is Jackson doing now? Well he's a great walker, will walk all of the time. He likes to walk holding hands, which is adorable. He's got a very sweet personality and loves to be cuddled. He can be a stinker, and you usually know it because he gets this goofy grin on his face right before he does something. He has two teeth on bottom and 3 1/2 on top (the 4th is working it's way out) and bites HARD! He likes Elmo and things that roll. He also likes shaking things and listening to the sound. He doesn't talk, we get a lot of the "yayaya's" and once in awhile we hear a mama or dada. Olivia does most of the talking for him. He will eat just about anything, which is great, but his favorite is spaghetti. He gets excited when he sees my orange dutch oven come out- that's always my spaghetti pot. Plus, when we strip him down to a diaper for dinner he knows his noodles are coming! LOL! He's basically the perfect baby. Really, I'm not saying it just because he's MY perfect baby, but because he really is. He has the best personality, temperment, etc and it just is such a joy to have him. What was life like without him?

So now we're in party planning mode for his first birthday. He'll have a blast with the cake, I can already see it! Oh- and we had to turn his car seat around today. His poor legs grew over the last couple of days so they were totally squished up against the back of the seat. Poor kid. He was SCREAMING when I put him in because he couldn't move his legs. I don't blame him. So we had to turn him around and he was so happy. You could hear him going "eeeeee" (the sound he makes when he's getting into something) and he's dancing in his seat. Too cute. Oh, and he shakes his legs like it's nobody's business now. :)

Pink Elephant Challenge 1

The Challenge for this week on Pink Elephant is a color challenge using only pink, black, and white. Here is my creation:

How adorable is this? I really like layering flowers of different colors/sizes/textures. I'm also trying to get used to mix & matching letter stickers to use up the gazillion that I have!

Supplies used: Cardstock-the Glitter Stack/DCWV, Flowers- Queen & Co, other- letter stickers, ribbon, eyelet

Jackson's Birthday Party Card

I am just a scrapping fool today! :) I've got my first sketch challenge done AND the party invitations for Jackson's birthday. I had an idea for his card, and although the finished product isn't exactly what I thought of, it's still pretty cute. :)

See I really wanted to have "Jack is" on top of the boy stamp, but as you can see- there just wasn't enough room. I also wish I would have put some ribbon on the tag, but again, didn't think of it until later. Oh well. It's only his 1st birthday, it's not like the invitation has to be award winning. :) LOL! I even pulled out my heat embossing stuff! Oh how I've missed it. I go in phases where I love it, use it all of the time, and then I have another long stretch where I neglect those supplies.

OK- on to the invitations for the scrapbook party!

Valentine's Day Sketch Challenge

So I decided I'm actually going to try my hand at sketch challenges. Here's the sketch for this week from I Heart 2 Stamp (you can link to the blog by finding it in my blog list)

Here's my version of this sketch: (anyone doing the drum roll for me??):

I used the same supplies for both cards, but each is a little bit different. One card has 2 rounded corners, the other only has 1. One card has sanded edges, the other doesn't. They don't follow the sketch perfectly, BUT, this was a stretch for me because I used two pattern papers on a card and I generally don't do that. They are pretty cute though!

Supplies used:
Paper: Basic Grey Gypsy collection, Flowers: Imaginisce "Bitty Blossoms" Paper Mix, other: ribbon, brads, vellum

Friday, February 13, 2009

Great Depression Cooking

OK- if you need a really great website, you MUST check out this. You will meet Clara, who is the cutest lady ever. Really, she's right up there with my Grandma's. :) It is just a great site to visit, watch her episodes on cooking during the Depression. Definitely different than what you'd find online with current cooking schools but completely awesome. It just put things in perspective. Although we are in some tough economic times, it's not the second coming of the Depression, yet. I wish that there were more people like her that could mentor us young mom's becuase it's so easy to get caught up in spending money on whatever for your kids because it's the latest and greatest. I never had that as a child and although I want my children to have nice things, I know I need to check myself on spoiling. I'm guilty- that's for sure. But it's a goal of mine this year to reign that in and Clara helped me remember that.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Party Frenzy

As much as I love throwing parties, I feel like MAYBE I bit off too much. March and April are going to be party mania.

image courtesy of

Here is my tentative schedule. Of course, more will probably be added. Spring is another word for party, right??

March 15- My 27th birthday party/crop & craft all day party/potluck
March 28- Jackson's 1st birthday party.
April 4- Jackson's actual birthday small party at home
April 25- Spring Time Family Party (looking for volunteers, yall!!)

Oy- I have a lot of work ahead of me. I'm not too worried- I think it'll be fun. I don't have a ton to do for each party and I am hoping to get at least one, maybe two volunteers for the family party and if I'm lucky, I can get some helpers for Jackson's party in March.

So put on your party hats folks (on top of your winter hats if needed) and let's party!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Slick As Ice

That's right folks- winter is back with a bang. Well, more like a sheet? A sheet of ice that is! We have had on and off freezing rain ALL day which means I'm not excited about driving home. Luckily this time (as opposed to LAST January's ice storm) I remembered to bring my ice scraper into work with me this morning. Pretty useless in the back seat if you can't get your doors open! :) I'm pretty damn proud of myself for thinking that far ahead at 6:45 a.m. this morning.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Snack Time

Here is a cute picture of my kiddos eating their snack yesterday. We usually don't eat in front of the TV but they both were sick and I figured I'd relax the rules just this once. :)

Weekend Report

OK- so you'll be disappointed that my weekend goals didn't get accomplished. BUT, it was not a complete failure. I did get some cool stuff done. Here's my quickie recap:
1. I finished the girl brag book. Here's some pictures of it:
the cover:

and all of the inside pages have a mat with 3 flowers (same colors used for the whole book)

2. I made the Valentine's for Olivia's friends and my co-workers.

3. I made 3 dozen sugar cookies with M&M's. YUM...

4. I made a gift tag book. I have no use for it, probably will sell it along with my girl brag book:


I got lots of stuff done this weekend besides my crafty projects. I got my menu planned for next week, made a killer spaghetti tonight, made Matt two casseroles for lunches this week, and I won't even tell you how many loads of laundry were done. Because I didn't get it all done this weekend that means I have no fun time this week because I have to play catch up. Yuck.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekend To-Do's

Hi everyone!! I have yet ANOTHER jam packed weekend. Here are my plans:

1. Print pictures- I have a ton waiting to get developed
2. Post stuff on here- TONS of cute pictures to post of the kids
3. Scrapbook! I've got the itch now that I've cleaned my closet (more to come on that)
4. Make a potty game for Olivia. We're having issues with pottying again- I've got a plan (more on that, too)
5. Make menu for the next two weeks (will post as well)
6. Clean! I have a lot more to clean now that I'm on my "spring has to come soon" kick.
7. Finish "Northern Lights" by Nora Roberts- so far, so good
8. Shop with Lisa (I'll let you know the final damage of THAT!)
9. Finish girl brag book (will post here before putting it on eBay)
10. Learn how to sell on eBay- got tips? LET ME KNOW!!

Stay tuned, folks!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun Sites

Looking for some fun sites to visit? Even if you're working- take a break! :)

Check out My Favorite Things they have super cute clear stamps. My favoites were Cupcake Flopsey, It's a cupcake kind of day, tea for two and bling bet. Can you tell I like cupcakes??

Obsolete Skills is a cool site with a list of things that most people don't know how to do. You know you're getting older if you know some of this stuff. Sadly, I do. And probably what's even sadder is that I love my typewriter at work.

Wonder how the folks at the Gap and Old Navy do it? Learn how to fold a shirt professionally!

Have you ever been to Lollishops? There are so many fun things on here- really you might be here all day. Also- you need to check out Etsy if you are in the market for something fun! They have stuffed cupcakes on sale! Can you believe it? If I had a place to put them in my house I'd buy a few! :)

OK, so perhaps I have too much time on my hands or not enough- depends on how you look at it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Poop Incident

If you get grossed out easily, you may as well stop reading now. Seriously. But if you want to laugh at me so you feel better about yourself, then today is your day. You are hitting the jackpot.

It all happened Friday at Olivia's toddler class. We have a routine of pottying BEFORE leaving the house, but since Olivia is in the "I can do it by myself and I know more than you" stage at age 3- that didn't happen Friday. This kid was farting like mad all morning- I knew it was only a matter of time before something other than air came out. So we drive to school- the van smells so bad I'm driving with the window cracked and it was -6 that morning. I'm freezing, Jackson is crying, Olivia stinks.

We get to school, take off our winter gear after running as fast as we could into the building because of course there was no available parking anywhere close. That morning I had the prescence of mind to pack a pair of pants and panties for Olivia in my purse along with Jackson's required junk. I NEVER do this, because I can't handle clutter in my purse- but I just grabbed them without thinking. So we get there, and I insist on pottying before going into class. We get to the adult bathrooms, which is a one stall room with a door in the hallway that locks. First off, it's got the air vents so it's loud- so Jackson starts crying. It has the auto flush thing, so now both kids are crying. Do you think I had anything to put on there? No- so I figured we'll have to cry it out. I get Olivia on the potty. I'm holding her with one arm (she's afraid she'll fall in) and in my other arm I'm holding a 20 pound wriggling baby boy desperate for the trash can and I'm squating. My thighs are burning, Jackson is slipping, Olivia is refusing to perform here. I give up. We finish up getting dressed again, go to class.

Olivia is warming up to the new kids, Jackson is thrilled that they have a bumpy ball that he's trying to bounce. Then she comes over, proclaims loudly, "Momma, I pooped." Seriously. I saw red mist in my eyes, and I have other parents looking at me, waiting for a reaction. Being the patient mom I am, I'm trying to act cheery and that it's no big deal, etc while inside I'm thinking of how I could bang my head into the wall without a second thought. So we HUSSLE to the bathroom. Of course she can't run because she's got poop the size of a damn softball in her pants, she's waddling fast.

We get there, and I realize that it's huge. It requires a full pants and panty change. I'm pissed. Jackson is crying because he knows we're in the bathroom and he hates it. I had to succomb to every urge in my body and sit him on the floor. I tried really hard not to gag at the thought of the stuff on that floor. So now he's playing, but crying. I get Olivia's pants off- poop falls on the floor. Of course. Jackson dives for it, is now playing with it. Olivia's screaming and I'm literally gagging. Anyone who knows me knows that I do NOT handle pee, poop or vomit well. Really, I just can't do it. So I grab the poop out of his hands, he starts screaming. I grab my wipes which are mysteriously covered in what looks like Vaseline. Strange, because I don't own Vaseline- I try not to think about what it is, but grab the wipes. I'm washing Jack in the sink with one hand, with him propped up on my knee and with my other hand, wiping Olivia's butt. Then, she steps in more poop that I didn't see. Fucking great. So I get Jack clean, Olivia clean, she's getting clothes back on. I am now trying to clean her shoe. I realize I have poop on my shirt courtesy of Jack. Fucking super. So now I stink, both kids are crying, the toilet is flushing non stop, and I can only imagine what the school secretary was thinking because her office is right outside the bathroom door.

All the while, I'm explaining to Olivia why we don't poop in our pants, and how gross that is, etc. Then I realize what the hell am I going to do with the dirty panties? I usually have a Ziploc bag with me, but of course- I don't have one. I settled on wrapping them up in the dirty pants, shoving them in my purse. I turn my shirt inside out in the hopes to cover up the poop smell that is still there. The stain is useless- I need a heavy duty spray for that.

We go back to class and at the end, we leave. We get in the van. I realize that everything smells like poop. Seriously. I can't find the culprit, but dammit- I know it's there, something smells. Guess what it was? There was a left over poop ball in her panties, which somehow got smeared on my cell phone, wallet and checks. Super. This is in my brand new Coach bag. (OK, so it's a Coach from a flea market with a faulty zipper that I paid under $50 for. It's still a Coach, though). I had to come home and scrub that purse out to get the smell out.

What a horrible day. It really capped off my week of poop hell. Jackson had the grossest poop EVER every morning last week and with Matt at work, it leaves me alone to deal with it as I'm trying to get out the door by 6:30 a.m. Sorry to gross you out, but I had to vent to someone. :)