Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Secret Santa Claus Club- REVIEW

I hope your holiday season is going swimmingly and you're totally on the ball with all of your to-dos! I know some parents struggle on what to do when you have a child whho maybe is on the verge of not believing in Santa Claus or are straight away asking you questions. Some parents just don't know what to say, but today's book is a great resource!

Secret Santa Claus Club - Jeff Janke

Why do we spend so much time and effort creating a fairytale world for our children, just to take it away from them? Author Jeff Janke faced that dilemma three years ago when his daughter started questioning her belief in Santa Claus. Like most parents, he had two problems to solve--how to gently teach his child the true meaning of Christmas, and how to prevent her from spoiling the fairytale for other children. Out of this problem, Secret Santa Claus Club was born.

Secret Santa Claus Club is a beautifully illustrated story about a little girl thinking back on the magic of each Christmas. She remembers meeting Santa at the mall and seeing her first bike under the tree on Christmas morning. As time goes on, she starts to wonder if it's all real. When she decides she's ready to know the truth--her parents help guide her to the true meaning of the holiday.

Secret Santa Claus Club was written to be a tool for parents during these challenging moments. Combined with love, patience, and compassion, SSCC will help transition the reader from believing to becoming. At the end of the story, your child will be invited to join Secret Santa Claus Club. They'll understand the importance of keeping the secret, creating the magic for believers, and helping other members of the club.

My youngest children, 8 and 7, still believe in Santa but my older two, 18 and 15, don't. I remember fielding the questions about Santa and being so nervous I was going to say the wrong thing and ruin all of their best Christmas memories. Luckily for me it was right around the time my 8 year old was being born so I could use the "now it's your turn to be a Santa" and I included them in with gift giving for others. My 15 year old is currently in charge of our Elf on the Shelf and he gets really into it, last year making an elaborate sleigh out of popsicle sticks. But even still, every year they still get Santa gifts. 

I love that this book takes that same idea, that once you're old enough, you too can become a Santa. IT talks about the meaning of Christmas and the idea that a lot of thought goes into special gifts for someone and how we're Santa all year long. It encourages the loving, giving spirit towards others and talks about being a Santa Claus is a real responsibility. 

Overall this book is really well done. Beautiful illustrations, carefully thought out story that explains Santa in a gentle, loving way. There might be still be questions but this is an excellent starting point without worrying that you're going to hurt their heart. 

Thank you so much Jeff Janke for having me on this tour and giving us a wonderful story! 

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