Friday, June 27, 2008

Vintage... ME!

So I am going through my computer organizing photos and came across some photos that I copied of me a little tyke. According to my mom, Olivia has my exact personality when I was little, plus she has my big eyes, my mouth and my nose- so sometimes for her it's like deja vu since she watches my kids while I'm working. AND, Jack is a definite combination of me and my brother.. check it out:
Here is me and my mom- I'm two years old here. And to boot- I look a lot like my mom now. It's more obvious when we are standing next to each other, but in some pictures I have of us through the years we look like dopplegangers. :) I also notice that sometimes I have the same facial expressions as my mom does, which is cool. It'll be fun to see if Olivia inherits that as well!

This is at my brother's first birthday- so I'm like 3 here. I have LOTS of memories of this white chair. Living in Florida I remember the chair was always hot, and your legs and butt would stick to it. :) I also remember Travis and I sitting there together a lot sharing Cheerios- and they would always get stuck in the sides of the chair. Sorry Mom! :)

This is my brother, I think Jackson looks a lot like him. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Crayon Are You?

Thanks to my email/blog buddy I took my color personality test today, too. And guess what? I'm "True Blue" just like her. WEIRD! :)

True blue: Nah---this isn't like boo-hoo blue. It's more like cool blue---the truly devoted friend. You're a quick learner---knowledge practically clings to your brain, and you're extra sharp when it comes to science and art. But. . . your loyalty sometimes gets you taken advantage of because you're so blindly faithful that you won't walk away from a friendship---even if you're the one doing all the work.

I think it's pretty accurate, even the science part, surprisingly. I have a knack for geology and that was one of my secret careers that I wanted. The other one was Astronomy- except I am horrible at math and that is a big requirement for Astronomy! :) But I'm great with rocks and stuff- but the job opportunities aren't really plentiful- so here I am, a Program Coordinator. :) LOL!!

What color are you??

Here's something funny, I'm apparently a "babe" too. :) There are some funny tests on the left side of the screen besides the color one. Have fun. :) LOL.

Are You A Babe?
You are a Babe! You are very appealing to a man and have great inner beauty and strength as well as physical attractiveness. You take pride in your appearance and like a man who appreciates it! You like being accepted as a person rather than a sex symbol and you like a man who is intelligent as well as good looking.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Picture Day!

Well we got Jackson's 3 month pictures done the other day and they came out great! I get my prints on July 4- which is cool because we did a red/white/blue theme to the pictures. We got a few of his pictures with Olivia in them. If you want to see them, go to: and type in "SARA STRAND" under customer name (use all CAPS). My favorites were P2-P5, because that's really what he looks like all of the time. I ordered P4 for my wall picture because that was the closest to what his personality is like right now. And I ordered P9 for my dining room because they were both looking at the camera at the same time- a small miracle considering how young they are. :) When I get them back I will post on the blog.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Jackson's 2 Month Checkup

Hi everyone! No pictures with this post, but I wanted to give you an update on how Jackson's doctor appointment went on Monday. He is exactly 12 pounds, 23 inches long. So he's gained four pounds and grew two inches since his two week checkup, which was 6 weeks ago. Yikes! But he's right in the 50th percentile for everything, so that's good.

Also, the doctor said it's very likely he has an allergy to something outside, probably pollen. So we can give him baby Benedryl, but we haven't tried it yet. They can't really test for allergies or prescribe anything until 6 months, and by then it's winter so we won't have an issue. So we'll worry about that next spring.

He got his shots, and there is some shortage of the HiB, which is for meningitis. Most likely because we had a meningitis outbreak last year in the area. SO, he's going to be behind in that and they don't expect to get anymore for another six to twelve months. YIKES. But he did really well with his shots, he got two injections and a liquid for rotavirus. Normally, we wouldn't have done that- but since Olivia had a horrible case of that when she was 15 months and was in the hospital for 3 days, we decided to take precautions this time. He cried a little during his shots, but in between he kept smiling at the nurse and totally flirting with her. :) What a trooper. He had a low grade fever on Tuesday but that went away after two doses of Tylenol and he was his happy self again. :)

I am hoping I can get some cute pictures of the kids swimming in the kiddie pool this weekend, and if I do I will try to post right away.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, Matt! You are such a great dad and I hope the kids realize how lucky they are to have such a fun dad! You're the only dad to take both kids to the park, alone, in our neighborhood, AND take them down the big slide. Who else can kill imaginary bugs for Olivia? How many dads do you know who will sit up with a sleepless kid and hum until your throat is raw? Of the two of us, you're the one who can always get them to go to sleep when they fight tooth and nail against it. Who else can handle the PPP (poop, pee, puke) patrol better than you? Who else is willing to have the cat, who previously stepped in his own poop, walk all over you? Nobody handles being puked or pooped on better than you, babe! :) And thank god one of us can handle it, because you know that's not my forte!! But I do appreciate you and love you for being such a great dad to our kids. Happy Father's Day!

We're on our way... to Wiggle Bay...

OK, so it's not Wiggle Bay, but it's a Wiggles concert! We took Olivia to see the Wiggles at the Target Center in Minneapolis last year and she had a blast. She cried when she saw the big red car, and she kept saying it was like a "real movie". She danced along to every song, she got excited to see all the characters, and best of all- she got to eat popcorn! LOL! These are my scrapbook pages from the show last year. Olivia got the Wiggles t-shirt (which still fits and is still her favorite) AND a Wiggle Wand, because of course, once she saw every other kid in the stadium with one, she had to have it too. But dammit if she didn't wave that thing like she was the coolest kid ever when they sang one song with all the lights off so you could see all these wands light up. She was so excited and screaming. God- what a great time. Last year is was on Matt's birthday -Aug.17- , so it was like his birthday present. :) But this year it's on August 7th, so it's a day trip to the cities & back- which is going to kick our ass since we both work the next day. Oh well, it's all worth it, right?? The tales of parenthood...

4 Years!

They say the first seven years of marriage are the hardest, so we now officially have 4 down. :) Our anniversary was June 12 and we did nothing. Ok, so Matt got me a card and 3 roses (he tried for four, but just didn't remember). But we had fajitas at home, played with the kids and were sleeping by 9. I guess that's how it's going to be for awhile. Every time we try to do something on our anniversary it ends up being a bust- this was the first year we gave up.
Our first year, I was about 6 months pregnant with Olivia and we tried to go out to eat. Well, by the time we got to the restaurant, we had 30 minutes to order, eat and pay because they were closing. AND, I got really sick off the food so that ended that. Our second year, Olivia was like 9 months old or so, and my parents came to babysit her so we could go out to dinner & a movie. Well, we got to the theatre parking lot and got into a HUGE fight over something so dumb I can't even remember. SO, that evening ended about 20 minutes after it began and we were home and didn't talk the rest of the night. Last year, we had all the intentions of doing something romantic and fun but were in the middle of a home addition. Not only did Matt not budget or plan like he should have- but we were BROKE and were trying to come up with extra money for things he didn't even think about. Not to mention it wasn't "on time", so I was stressed out about my family coming a few weeks later and not having anywhere for people to sleep or eat. I think all of last June was a never ending fight over his lack of organizational skills. :)
So much has happened in four years that it really does feel like a battle of wills some days, but then other days it's really great and fun. We work hard at our marriage, god knows we've had some serious struggles and things to work through, but we try and it's the best we can do. One day though, I'd REALLY like to go on a real date with my husband, preferrably before the kids move out. :)

My Scrap Space

So a lot of you wanted to see my scrap space and I just finally took pictures of it. Now keep in mind the walls will be painted (eventually) and I think I'm doing something cool like Apple Green or something. My desk is actually a closet in my dining room. Which works out great becuase I can either stand & scrap in there, or I can take stuff out and scrap at my dining room table. Here's a view of it when you open the doors:

Here's the "left" side more detailed:

The gray box with drawers on my desk are all my "doo-da's", and then I have my ink pad caddy. Olivia's artwork is on my walls, too. On the shelf on the far left side are 3 clear vertical storage boxes. One for complete sets of paper (mostly Basic Grey), the middle is just various pattern paper (I'm a paper whore) and the last one is just cardstock, organized by shade of course. :) The 3 clear boxes stacked on top of each other contain rub-ons, adhesive, and ribbon. Did I mention I have a ribbon fetish??

Here's the "right" side:

I have 3 video storage boxes, one is for cards I have done and on hand in case I need them. The pink one is a box of Olivia keepsakes (ultrasound pictures, hospital bracelets, coming home outfit, etc) and I have the green stripe one for Jackson. I have a ton of odds & ends on this side. I have my CTMH stuff on the shelf, too. All of my Stampin! up stamps are in two bathroom storage shelves I got from Target. They're white with 4 canvas boxes- the stamps sets fit perfectly- plus it looks nice on the wall. My drawers are filled with stuff too. The big drawer is all of my stickers separated into folders by theme. :) The other ones are my pens/markers, one for my sizzlet alphabet sets, one for my 3D embellishments, and one for altered projects I'll do one day. :) It's a full drawer so I need to actually do some!

So that's it, gang- it's where I relax and where I create. Thanks for looking!

What do you get when you combine a Push Up and a 2 year old?

A MESS!! She had the best time with her Push Up Sherbet thing. I remember them tasting so much better as a little kid myself, but she didn't care. She obviously had the cherry red kind and that shirt is totally stained. It's on it's third stain remover treatment, but we'll see if it gets any better. Olivia really didn't understand the concept of "Push Up", because she just kept trying to shover her face and tongue down the holder thing. She finally got it when at the end she pushed the stick up and it smashed into her face. :) Oh well- it was anyways!

My New 'Do

So this is it, folks! My copper & lemon highlights. It was more curly earlier in the day and quite honestly- I didn't feel the need to spiff it up for ya. :) LOL! So I am really loving it, I'm getting used to the curl- so that's good. I got like an inch or so cut off of it just to loosen it up a little, but it's starting to get longer again. I'd LOVE for my hair to be mid-back, so I'm growing it out. We'll see.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cozy Pillow

How cute is this? This is Olivia at my mom's house with her "cozy pillow". The pillow is my mom's cat Blue who totally adores Olivia. He follows her everywhere and at nap time Olivia likes to sleep with him even though he takes over her bed and leaves her with little room. The cat is HUGE, and he weighs almost as much as Olivia does. In order to pick him up, you really do have to lift with your knees and use both arms because he's just so big. But Olivia calls him chubby and he doesn't seem to mind. We got Blue when I was 15, and I'm 26 now- so he's 11 years old, can you believe that? He's not as frisky as he once was, but he is still a love bug, and just loves Olivia. He's still suspicious about Jack and Jack's eyes get really big when he sees Blue. :) I'm sure Blue will be as protective of him as he is with Olivia.

Just Jack

Here's a cute picture of Jackson from this morning. I love this outfit and we were thisclose to getting out of the house and then the poopie explosion happened. Oh well- maybe next time!

This Week- June 2

Well lots of things in our house this week:

1. I went back to work Full Time on Monday- very sad day for me. When I had Olivia I couldn't wait to get back to work and resume my other life, but now with Jack I really dreaded it. I think because I look at Olivia and every day she looks more "grown up" and I'm afraid I'm missing things. God knows I take enough pictures to remember all of these fun times and the changes they go through, all of their milestones, etc but somehow I still feel like I miss something. Although I know working makes me a better mommy since I can provide more for them and do things for and with them that I didn't have as a kid. And I think the thing I most value about my mom is that by watching her work hard as I grew up it made me more appreciative of the things that we had and I hope that my kids see that when they get older too. Until then, I'm at work every day at 7:30 a.m.

2. I got my new hair 'do! I will post pictures on that soon- but I got it done yesterday. I was super nervous because I had never been to that salon and didn't know what I wanted- but thankfully I got a really good colorist and stylist, it came out great. But to keep you in suspense... I didn't get much cut, just a trim, but my hair has copper and lemon streaks. Sounds crazy- but it looks cool. :)

3. Matt is almost done with my new garden bed. We've been building a bed with a retaining rock border and we bought the rest of the block and now he's using the adhesive stuff on it and soon, very soon it will be ready to plant in. I have no idea what's going in there- but at least it'll be ready when I get an idea.

4. I'm trying to come up with an idea for Father's Day to do with Matt. I'd like to do something other than sitting at home and it has to be something the kids would like too. We'll see if I can come up with any good ideas..

5. Our 4 year anniversary is next Thursday the 12th. He hasn't mentioned anything- so we'll see if he remembers. :) And nobody call him to remind him!!! I'd like to go out to dinner maybe Friday night, without kids, but I don't know yet. We'll see.

6. Our summer vacation is planned, mostly. We're going to the Twin Cities the 3rd weekend in July (Saturday & Sunday). David & Valerie Pace are gracious enough to let us stay at their home Saturday night to save us the cost of a hotel. THANK YOU!! We're going to Como Zoo on Saturday and it's undecided yet- but on Sunday we're either going to the Children's Museum or the Science Museum. That might be a last minute decision. But we're planning to leave the big city Sunday after lunch- so the kids will *hopefully* nap the entire 2.5 hour trip back. We are so excited to go since we can't afford to go any farther away- this will be a nice weekend to look forward to.

7. I'm having my yard sale the weekend before our trip so if you know anybody looking for girls clothes (size newborn-2T) and boys (newborn - 3/6 month) or scrapbooking stuff- let me know. I'm also going to be selling camping equipment, a baby stroller/car seat combo, an umbrella stroller, children's books and toys, stuffed animals and a few other things. I still have a ton to sort, but we'll get there. :)

OK- that's our update for this week. I'm going to post more pictures this weekend probably- stay tuned!

Jack's 1st Trip to the Park

Olivia was SO excited to go the park- it's her favorite place in our neighborhood since it's only two blocks away. Matt always takes her down the big metal slide because he's the only one that can carry her up there. Jack and I stuck to the swings- which he liked. I remember as a kid I could swing for hours and go really high. Now that I'm an adult, I can only do it for 15 minutes without getting a headache! What happened there?!

Chasing Bubbles

Olivia and Dad spent most of Sunday afternoon (before the rain) blowing and chasing bubbles. Olivia was squealing, and Jackson had a really fun time watching her run around like a goof ball.

Water Table

We bought a water table online on clearance because we thought Olivia would like something new other than her sandbox. Well the table was a huge hit with her AND the neighbor boy she plays with!

First WARM Day!

We had such a nice day on Saturday- it was in the 70's, which mean Olivia got to wear her new sandals and sit on her "beach chair"

Jackson got to try out his new hat- which he wasn't thrilled about, but it looks darn cute. :)