Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jack- Seven Months

Jackson at seven months finally got his first tooth (no pictures to prove it though). He can crawl without dragging himself on the floor, he can get to a sitting position by himself, will walk if holding a hand or furniture, pulls up on EVERYTHING, eats some table foods, squeals a lot, and attempts the stairs every chance he gets!
Sticking his tongue out at me..

Up the stairs he goes..

The Spaghetti Incident, Part 2

If you look in one of my earlier posts, I had a picture of Olivia named "the Spaghetti Incident". Well consider this part 2..

Halloween Night

OK- so I know I haven't posted in forever, so here are the pictures from Halloween night:

This is in our front yard...

this is in he living room after 2 hours of walking through the neighborhood. I took them around half way, and then Matt took them the rest of the way. It was a fun night despite missing our bedime- they were still in a good mood. :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

President Obama

Can I first say that I'm so excited that my candidate finally won! I am a big Democratic supporter and have been so disappointed and quite honestly- baffled than anyone would vote Republican. How could you possibly believe our Country is going to get any better with the same old discrimination, religious overtones, and bad policy? Or maybe you are so well off that you forget other people?

Here's why I'm excited:

1. FINALLY someone understands the health care issue. We're lucky that we have health insurance, but God forbid Matt loses his job, because we'd have to get it through my work. That insurance is so over priced, and it's 80/20, which means I pay 80% of everything, which is insane. For example: to give birth to Jackson and our care in the hospital totaled $9541.86. Guess how much I have to pay? $8500. What's the point of insurance with that kind of care. And it is very wrong to deny someone coverage because they have a disease or debilitating condition that by providing treatment insurance companies don't make enough off them. It's wrong.

2. I have hope that women will still have the right to choose to abort. It's our body- not the government's. I believe in the theory that things happen for a reason, but I also have the opinion that you should be able to have a choice. Just because it's not a choice that you might personally make, it doesn't mean it should be banned for everybody. I know I might not make that choice, but I'd still like to have the choice. I say shame on you if you picket Planned Parenthood or abortion clinics, etc. I will tell you- I would rather see a woman voluntarily terminate an unwanted or unhealthy pregnancy than bring a child in this world that may be unloved, uncared for, or abused/neglected. That is no way to live. And don't tell me that people can adopt them- it's not always an option. You don't know how well the woman would care for herself during pregnancy- and it's difficult to adopt a child with problems.

3. I am hopeful that the new policies of our government are not made based on a religion. I believe that everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want- it's your choice. BUT, you cannot make a policy based on something you read out of religious text and expect everyone to follow it. That's like saying christianity is the only way to be and that's not true. I believe in God, but I don't believe in the Bible. I believe in the after life, but I don't believe in Hell. I believe in being a good person, but I don't believe in sin. I hope President Obama takes into account that everyone is differnt- and to put laws into motion based on one belief is wrong, and it's discrimination.

4. Which brings me to gay marriage. Why do people think this is horrible? If two people love each other, no matter race, ethnicity, creed, character, sex, sexual orientation, etc- you should be able to marry and have a family. To deny a person this right is the definition of discrimination. People are born gay- your environment does not make you gay. You are born that way, and God made you that way. I can't believe he would create someone so that other people could put them down and discriminate them and treat them like a second class citizen. The right to marry is just that, a right- it is not a privilege. We look back in the 50's and 60's and are appalled at segregation and the unspeakable treatment of African American's and think those were the stone ages. Unfortunately, it's not- and we face it again with peoples sexual orientation. I know some people will see a black person and cross the street, or not smile/say hello at the store, or clutch your purse a little tighter- you know what that is? Discrimination. Some of you might see a gay couple and cringe, tell your children that's gross, etc. Discrimination. It's not right, and my hope is that when my children grow up, they look at us like we were the stone ages. I hope that when they vote for the first time, this will have been legalized for decades.

I just have so much hope for this Country and I think that we can do better and be better. These last 8 years have been so atrocious and we've turned into an embarrassment. Retirement funds are gone, stock market crashes, we're in recession, people can't afford their homes, public assistance is a joke, people can't get loans to buy a home, we have homeless veterans which is a shame, we have other homeless people who are largely ignored (forget helping other countries, we have enough problems of our own), health care is in trouble and education is hurting, let's not mention a meaningless war- does anybody really remember why we're over there? I didn't think so. We need someone who is in touch with what it's really like to raise a family here, who knows middle class needs help, etc. And no, it won't get done in a year, or maybe a term as Obama said- it takes time. It took 8 years to get us this messed up, it might take 8 to fix it.

So what does this mean? It means I urge you to all volunteer some where, even an hour a year. Ring bells for Salvation Army, listen to homeless tell you how they got that way, read books at a school to disadvantaged kids, donate food and clothing to shelters and other community agencies. There are so many things you can do without taking time out of your life. And I encourage you to bring your children to teach them to help others and to be selfless. And for the sake of it all, do it without bringing religion into it. I know many people volunteer through churches which is wonderful, but some people down and out just want help, not a condensed sermon with it. It takes away from the good deed you are doing.

It's time to come together for change. :)