Sunday, December 28, 2008

Olivia's Holidazzle Recital

Olivia had her first baton recital about two weekends ago. We only had limited tickets, so not everyone could come, so that was a bummer. But it was so fun to watch her do her "moves". Here she is before the rehearsal with her friend Avery. How cute do they look?

I watched her dress rehearsal, and right before I told her to smile big just like Britney (she's in a Britney Spears infatuation phase). Well, she just stood in one spot- smiling from ear to ear the ENTIRE time. :) Here she is before the music started. I have nothing of her smiling because I was laughing so hard that everything came out blurry!!

So after that we went back stage to wait our turn, and I talked to her about actually doing her moves, etc. So finally- it was her turn on the big stage. She basically stood there again. But instead of smiling, she chewed on her baton. BUT, she did remember to skip in a circle at the appropriate time. :) Here she is leading the skip line..

and here she is after skipping- she's in her own line in the front, chewing on the baton. :)

We have the first big show under our belt. Her next recital is June 12th (which is also my anniversary- should be a fun night). She'll have her first real twirler costume and some more lessons under her belt.

Fudge Failure No More

Well, I have FINALLY done it. I have made fudge that not only looks like fudge (it got hard) AND you can eat it. It tastes great. :) I have tried making fudge every Christmas for the last 6 years, and never once did it come out. This year I found a three ingredient recipe with literally two steps- and voila- I've made fudge. I made peanut butter fudge- and it tastes great. The only problem- it looks nothing like peanut butter fudge- it looks like chocolate. Oh well- I'm focusing on the fact it came out....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recent Pages

Here are some recent scrap pages I've done. I've seriously been on a creative roll! For some reason, Blogger is turning all of my pages sideways... so you can either turn your head to see them or tell me how to fix it. :) LOL.

These are some of the cans I'm doing for my neighbors' gifts. I've got six cans I've made, but these were the first two I did. Sorry, no pics of the other ones!

Xmas Decorating

OK- I apologize right now, these pictures are crappy. My camera is being so ghetto lately. But we always decorate the day after Thanksgiving after dinner. Olivia was excited because she gets to put her decorations on the tree and it's a big deal. Jackson was THRILLED when Matt brought all of the boxes in and started trying to tear everything apart!

Jackson touching the one branch on the tree. This is the only one he touches, and he just rubs it. Too cute!

Olivia is protesting pants right now. She runs around in her panties and shirt and tells me she's cold. People tell me it's just a phase.. :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2009 Resolutions

Well I know 2009 is a few weeks away, but I already have my resolutions! This is the first time I am really doing this- usually I forget about it and figure I won't do them anyways. But this year I am really determined to do these. Here they are (in no particular order)

1. Go on a vacation with Matt and the kids- specifically to Florida. We've never taken the kids on a real vacation (aside from weekend trips) and we've never left Wisconsin or Minnesota. I would really love for all of my family in Florida to see my kids and for my kids to get to know them.

2. I would like to join a fitness class, any kind, just something in my price range! I really think I'd like a step class or pilates. But my problem is not having anyone to go with. We have an Anytime Fitness in town (by my work) and I think I can go after 7:30 p.m. I can't go on my lunch since in 2009 we're going down to a 30 minute lunch.. But I wanted to trim up my thighs and get the kangaroo pouch under control. LOL! (preferrably BEFORE my vacation!)

3. I would like to make a new friend. This sounds weird, but it really isn't. I have only 3 good friends I'd say, with those being Tammy, Lisa and Jen (no particular order here). I can call any of them up and say I need to talk and they would hear me out, and I'd do the same for them. But what I really want is a friend who would call me up to go do something fun. I do fun things with my friends, but my friends aren't the kind to just call me out of the blue and say they wanted to go do something with me this weekend. Know what I mean? So I'd like to make a friend to go out and do stuff with, and I'd ideally like to stay out of the bars. I need a non-drinking friend since I don't drink. :) Or a work-out buddy. That'd be nice, too.

4. I'd like to submit some of my scrapbook/card designs to a magazine or something. I've always thought about, I have lots that I think would be great in a magazine, but I've just never done it.

5. I'd like to have a date night with Matt. I'd like to go out on a nice dinner and get a hotel room with a hot tub! :) He did this for my 20th birthday and I loved it.... I'd like to do it again.

OK- I think that's it. It would be great to do all of these, but I'd be happy if one or two of them were actually accomplished.

I have more pictures to post on here soon, and I have a Xmas update.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thank You, Newsweek

Again, Newsweek has provided us with a terrific article. I don't subscribe to it, but I am often reading articles online and find myself nodding my head the entire time. I don't know how those writers do it, but they always write with common sense but can still talk about an issue practically.

Here's a great article about gay marriage: and the great debate about it. Food for thought. :)