Saturday, May 29, 2010

Boo Reviews: Get your Credit Card Ready

Hi. I still read. You wouldn't necessarily know that since I haven't posted a book review in forever. But here is what I have read recently:
Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris
If you haven't read any of the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris I suggest you get off your back road hick ass and start. These books are a million times better than Twilight for several reasons. Mainly because this author can write and doesn't kill you with adjectives. But it also unfolds a fabulous story where these vamps (and weres, shifters, witches, fairies, etc) are having sex with humans. Fabulous sex. *sigh* And I think you should read these so you can watch True Blood on HBO because THAT is a fabulous show. Anyways.
So this is the latest in the series and I have to say....disappointed. I've become used to way more sex and violence and this book, while the story is interesting, left me feeling like we never really got to the story. I am hoping the next book has violence from the word go. :) must read it anyways if you start the series. There is still plenty of good sex.
Don't Sleep With Your Drummer by Jen Sincero
This book was borrowed to me by a friend and it isn't necessarily one that I'd pick up on my own. I also need to mention that I didn't get into it until I was 3/4 of the way done. I don't know. Some writers can pull you in and some can't. But I wanted to finish the book because Kelli said it was good and I didn't want to let her down. And I'm glad I did. This is basically about a woman going through a quarter life crisis (in her 30's) after she gets fired from her job. She realizes what she really wants to do is be in a band and has basically no support. Well she starts a band and they play gigs, are actually really good, get signed and then it all falls apart. But then it kind of comes together again towards the end. But I think it's a great book for 20somethings because it just reaffirms what we all feel towards the end of our 20's- uncertainty and fear.
Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
You know I love me some supernatural romance book. This is Young Adult so just be aware the most action you will get in this are hugs, naked boy chests and kisses. It's ok though. This is a GREAT book and I highly recommend it. I finished it in four hours and put it down at 2 am. On a work night. It was totally worth it. It's basically about a boy who was an angel- but he lusted after a human and then becomes a fallen angel and has his wings ripped out. But this makes him basically a killer and he hunts humans for fun I suppose. Well he meets a human girl he's been ordered to kill but surprise! He falls in love with her. It is fabulously written and I enjoyed it a ton. It ends kind of weird (I think) but then I find out...dun dun dun....there is a sequel coming! Yes, bitches, a sequel!

Blood Born by Linda Howard and Linda Jones
One of my very favorite authors is Linda Howard. I have read (I think) every book she's ever done at least twice. I own a bunch of them and when I casually saw this on the FLOOR at Target...I had to get it. Blood Born is about vampires (they live in secret in this book unlike other vamp books) who are planning to take over humans basically and not be in hiding. But then there is a somewhat rogue vamp who thinks this is wrong and is going to try to save them. The deal is that some humans are "conduits" and are unknowingly trying to bring over "warriors" to fight this massive warriors vs vampire war. Cheesy, but stay with me. So there is one human who is a conduit but is kind of special. I'm not going to go into more because it would give it away. This also was a fast read for me and it going to have a sequel. Which I am THRILLED about.

Ice by Linda Howard

OK now this one I got at Barnes and Noble. I buy anything with Linda Howard's name on it. Most of her novels are really far fetched- like the chances of this ever happening are slim to none but who cares- she writes GREAT sex scenes and it's worth it. This story is really no different at all and to me, was pretty similar to Cover of Night which was cheese to the max but again, GREAT sex scene on the mountain in that one. Anyways. So this is about a girl who is taken hostage by meth addicts during an ice storm. And then this guy she knew from way back when is "checking on her" and wow- they are being chased by meth addicts outside in an ice storm. Yeah- it is cheese to the max but what you come to love about romance novels. I kind of hope these characters are explored in a future book but you can never tell if that will happen.

But I will say of all of Linda's books my favorites will always be the following: All the Queen's Men, Cry No More, and Up Close and Dangerous. AQM is fab because it has black ops agents! And sex! And yeah- MAN OF MY DREAMS in there. CNM is great because I really liked the story. I think she put a ton of thought into this story about a woman who's child was kidnapped in Mexico and she basically searches all her life for him and yeah- enlists a hitman to help her. I loved the story, I loved the characters, and again, great sex. UCD is fun. It's fun because it's about a plane that goes down in the mountains and these two people who hate each other well you know what happens.'s fun because I now fill my carry on bag with stupid unrelated stuff because of this book. You never know, dammit.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I am SO glad you did this review because I KNEW the new Sookie book was coming out soon, but was not sure when. Even though you were disappointed, I just now ordered the book through Amazon. Fucking.sweet.

Oh, and I never read or saw any of the Twilight movies.....but that is because I am a contrary person.

Amazing books/series. Oh, and I am head over heels in love with Eric, but, shit, who isn't??

Danielle said...

You will be so proud of me! I bought the Sookie Stackhouse series the other day at Barnes and Noble! I bought the first two! :) I have one more book to read before i start them, but I'm excited! My cousin who came with us on vacation is the one who recommended them, and then when you also said that I should read them I figured why not! She was reading the most recent one when we were in Florida and couldn't put it down. I'm hoping I can't either! :)

Jeanette said...

I think most things are better than Twilight haha. I've watched True Blood but never read the books.

Nikolett said...

Okay, now I'm all sad because I started writing a book two years ago (which I never finished, no surprise here haha) which was about a girl losing her parents and then her guardian angel coming to watch over her - except she think he's just a new boy at her school and then they fall in love and he wants to stop being her angel so that he can be with her ... and "Hush, Hush" sounds almost similar and gahhh ... but I want to read it NOW hehe. Thanks for the book reviews and I hope everything's going better with you now, awesome lady :)

Sam said...

I loved Hush, Hush but was also very disappointed in the new Sookie book. I don't have any next in series books to read so I have been big on this one romance writer and after a while, its usually the same story with different characters, but its just so dang good, they're hard to put down, and the sex scenes are sizzlin!!

Unknown said...

Love Sookie. Also didn;t know when the book was coming. Thanks for letting me know and I appreciate the review.

Also the angel one sounds pretty awesome too!

SarahMarie said...

I haven't read the new Sookie yet, but did hear that it wasn't the best. I just finished up Lover Mine - hawt vamps in that book, but not the sparkly gay kind - and am looking for something new. Think I will try Blood Born yet. Thanks for the review.

Gini said...

I seriously JUST finished that Sookie book yesterday. It was okay, but felt kind of hurried and jaded. Maybe it was supposed to reflect how Sookie's feeling after her harrowing experience? The ending was like, whooshbangclapandDONE, so that was kidn of disappointing, and how she broke the ***** on Dermot? A ****? SERIOUSLY???? I was annoyed at that. Very cliché. Mad that I have to wait a whole 'nother year to find out about Bill and Judith. But anyway, any Sookie fix is better than no Sookie at all, right?