Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A May Graduation Party. We're doing this shit backwards.

So about a week ago the fam and I took a 16 hour road trip (one way-- this bitch is hard core) to Tennessee to see my cousin Rhonda graduate. Now there are a TON of pictures for this but I'm going to start with the graduation party that was on Saturday..so the day after Rhonda graduated. Coincidentally- it was also the last full day we were there.
So the party was being held at Rhonda's grandma and grandpa's house (Misty- her step mom-'s parents house). They are super fabulous people. Loved them. And their house. And their yard. And their really super fun washer game I'm making Matt recreate.
There were horses at the edge of their yard and here's Matt trying to be the horse whisperer. While my Uncle Ron picks grass to feed these horses because they looked frisky.
And then Matt, my Grandpa (left) and Uncle Ron smoked. This is after Matt saved the day at my Uncle's hotel when the satellite was down and Grandpa threatened to walk across the street to that hotel to watch TV.
Jackson and Rhonda are now dating. FYI. He wowed everyone with his charm and digger trucks.
And then there was a ton of food. Super awesome BBQ. I love, love, love BBQ's and ate way more than I should have. But I obviously had to have cake. Olivia actually "helped" Rhonda cut the cake but here's Rhonda pre-er....cake fight. :)
Matt and I. This is a great picture because without his sunglasses, all pictures of Matt and I are crappy. I'm all adorable and perky and he will either look asleep or drunk. But yay! Good picture of us!
Jackson eating cake. Is he throwing signs??
So then two of Rhonda's friends attacked her with cake and yah. It was hilarious but she got cake in her nose and ears. :) So here is Misty (left) and her daughter, Autumn (right) helping Rhonda clean up.
Jackson really loved my Uncle Ron. Here they are, deep in conversation. When I came over Ron tells me Jackson is "working" and "pooping". Hilarious.
After the party Rhonda REALLY wanted to take the kids to a carnival that was pretty close. Seeing how my kids had never been to a carnival, I thought it'd be fun. I knew going in that Olivia SAYS she wants to do something but will either chicken out or cry through it because she is scared of everything.
This was no exception.
Poor Rhonda took her on everything she agreed to go on. First off, it had rained and so the ground was a giant mud pit. There was hay on the ground but honestly? It did nothing. You are literally walking in mud ankle deep. Super gross. Anyways. So the first ride was the spinning dragon thing. Rhonda and Olivia's dragon was the only one not spinning. This is the only shot of Olivia where she doesn't look like she's going to puke or cry.
This was the only white trash I encountered. Vacation FAIL.
This was probably the funniest. So this is one of those big climb up forever then slide down thing. OK, so Olivia was fine for maybe 20 feet and then made Rhonda carry all 29 pounds of her. It looked like an endurance test. :) LOL!! So Rhonda gets to the top and Olivia won't even slide down. Olivia also does this thing when things are loud or when she's scared that she covers her ears. Poor Rhonda. :)
Jackson loved to drive this rickety boat thing.
We also took the kids on the Ferris Wheel. I sat with Olivia, and then Jackson went with Rhonda and Autumn. He apparently did really well, no crying, and only squeezed Rhonda's hand when he got to the top. No big. Olivia tells me about 3 seconds in that she thinks she might puke. I obviously don't do well with puke and I tell her if she pukes I'm taking Barbies away. And I'm serious- I would have been pissed. Who pukes on a Ferris Wheel?! So yeah- she was terrified and I had to talk about her babies at home so she wouldn't freak out or puke. LONGEST RIDE EVER.
But then at the end I had to say goodbye to Rhonda. Her and Autumn were going to stay there for a bit and we had to get the kids to bed and our van packed for the 16 hour car ride home. Sad.
BUT...she is coming to our house at the end of June/beginning of July. It's going to be super fun. Why? Well besides the fact that we are both related and therefore AWESOME....we're going sky diving.
Ah yes....and you thought the 30/30 list was dead. Silly bitches---it's still ON.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I still cannot believe you're going sky diving. That freaks me out! I am not a fan of heights AT ALL!

And that pic of you and Matt is AWESOME. Definite picture frame material.

Danielle said...

I love the picture of you and Matt! Adorable! I agree with Krysten you should definitely frame it! : Jackson is the cutest freakin thing in the world! That blonde hair! Oh my goodness! I love it!

Skydiving?! Wow! You go girlfriend! I can't even ride a rollercoaster so I know there's no way I could skydive! That cake was sooo pretty! Did someone make it?! Love it! :) Glad you had a good trip, sad you didn't get more funny white trash pictures! haha! :) xoxo

PS Did you get my card in the mail??? I hope I put the right address down! lol!

Julie H said...

OMG I'm so embarrassed of that picture you got of me at the fair :(

Blue Disastrous said...

Ahh you're so awesome! Skydiving?! Sheesh. You may even have an out-of-body experience. Though let's hope your body isn't out-of-parachute-harness. Because letting awesomeness splat is not a good thing. Having a wild crazy good time, however, is.
Congrats to Rhonda! It seems the party was a blast! :3

Alpha Za said...

Dear Sara,

your cousin is hot.

That is all.

Not Everyones Mama said...

Looks like a blast! I do not envy you the hours spent in a car though. I may have left one of my children at a rest stop. No, I wouldn't do that. LOL Love the pictures!
Stopping by from SITS!

Unknown said...

I would love to go sky diving!

And my 3 yr old is the same way. All gung ho until it comes down to doing it then scared.

Sam said...

You know my thoughts on sky diving, throwing yourself out of a perfectly working plane to be hurled towards the earth at super fast speeds...that spells fun to me!
Looks like you had a kick ass time, the picture of you and Matt are great, and Jackson "Working" and "Pooping" are hilarious! You my dear Sara, have an adorable family.