Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Exceptionals (GIVEAWAY)

I have another post for you this evening, but here is a book review for something I've read recently that I think you will really like.

The Exceptionals- Erin Cashman

In a famous family of exceptionally talented people, fifteen-year-old Claire Walker is ordinary . . . or so she leads everyone to believe. Yet the minute she steps out of line, her parents transfer her to Cambial Academy: the prestigious boarding school that her great-grandfather founded for students with supernatural abilities, or “specials”. Although Claire can’t see ghosts or move objects with her mind like the other students, she does have a special she considers too lame to admit: she can hear the thoughts of animals.
Just as she is settling in, one by one the most talented students – the Exceptionals – go missing. In an attempt to find out what happened to them, Claire uncovers a dark prophecy involving a plot to destroy Cambial and a mysterious girl who can communicate with a hawk. Could she be that girl? Does the gorgeous but secretive boy she meets in the woods know more than he is letting on? After years of ignoring her special gift, Claire decides the time has come to embrace her ability . . . before it’s too late.
I am a big fan of books that have supernatural stuff in it, though I never would have thought so. I flew through this book within a handful of hours because this book was that good. It's obviously set up for at least a sequel, but I would love it if this became a three book series. But this is basically about a young girl who has to go to a school that she doesn't really want to go to and she doesn't really fit in. Everybody has a really cool special talent or ability, but she doesn't. She can hear and talk to animals but her parents don't encourage her to pursue it, but it isn't until later when Claire realizes why. I kind of loved Claire. Usually the lead character gets on my nerves, but I really liked Claire. She falls in love with a bad boy, who you know is bad but when you find out what he's involved in, it's really bad. All of the characters were developed really well and not to the extent where pages are wasted on useless information. 
This is Erin Cashman's first novel, which is surprising to me because it is really well done. You can go HERE to see the Facebook page for this book, and HERE for Erin Cashman's website. I am eagerly awaiting the follow up, that's for sure. 
But one of you can win your own copy of this book! Here are your entry points and good luck!
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E said...

Oh sounds interesting!

Erin Cashman said...

Hi Sara,

Thanks so much for taking the time ro read and review The Exceptionals. I'm so happy that you liked it!


Veronica M. D. said...

I am already a follower (obvs), and am leaving this comment -- I better win *just sayin'* :)

trish said...

I can't believe you read the book that fast! So glad you loved it. :)

Thanks for being on the tour!

Shirley said...

I wanna win!

middle child said...

This book sounds AWESOME! I have gotten into these kinds of books recently. Hope I win!

Christina Fiorelli said...

Thanks for this great review!

GFC follower Christina Kit.

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Christina Fiorelli said...

I love that Claire's ability has to do with animals! And what a cool idea, to have that kind of boarding school - and I love anything with a prophecy. Definitely looking forward:)

GFC follower Christina Kit.

ccfioriole at gmail dot com

Christina Fiorelli said...

I tweeted:!/christinafiorio/status/204347448217436160

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Christina Fiorelli said...

I also shared on facebook

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thanks so much:)