Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Gloom

So, another book review tonight! A few months ago I was approached by this author to review her trilogy and so here is the review for the first book. Books two and three and following in the next couple of weeks. I'm going to tell you that if you love to read trilogies but don't like how long it sometimes takes, you are going  to love these because the first one is only 165 pages. I got through the first book in one sitting so you can too.

The Gloom by Piper Kelley
The Gloom (The Gloom Trilogy)
As a lazy summer evening comes to a close, Poppy finds herself out by the hollowed out tree in her backyard, avoiding the ire of her stepmother for an incident that occurred while Poppy was babysitting her little sister.    All her life Poppy has had questions about her real mother, who disappeared when she was an infant. She gets an unexpected answer when an ill-tempered pixie captures her and takes her through the tree and into Winsome, a magical kingdom that is suffering from a powerful and evil force known as the Gloom.

So clearly from the description you can tell this is a young adult novel and it's perfectly appropriate for young adult. Some YA novels (in my opinion) are kind of borderline with their appropriateness but this one is totally fine. 

I got sucked into this book almost immediately because I really liked Poppy. The poor girl is essentially motherless, has a dad who tries but is pretty much at a loss, and feels set to the side by her step mom when her new sister comes along. I mean, that would be a lot for a teenager. And just when she feels the most on the outside, she gets essentially kidnapped by a Pixie and forced into a world she never knew existed. From there the story moves fast as she makes a friend after entering the Gloom and is on the search for her real mother so she can supposedly rid Winsome of the Gloom. 

I love that it sucks you in, I love that you meet interesting characters along the way, and it's a fast read. I will say that so far, it really reminds me of Amanda Hockings Trylle Trilogy and that isn't such a bad thing. It does have significant differences but I was immediately reminded of that other trilogy. Which I haven't yet finished, so this should be interesting. 

I'm going to read book two called The Doldrums while I'm in Chicago this weekend so come back next week to see that review! 

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