Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When OCD and lack of patience come together.

So last week I decided that since I'm having Olivia's birthday party at our house, and this is likely the first time some friends are seeing our house, I have this really ridiculous vanity in which I cannot have things out of order. I just can't, I'm sorry, it's annoying and it drives everyone around me nuts, but I really cannot have things all over the place.

The largest problem was my office/scrapbook room. So last week I decided to just fuck it all, and re-do my room. I had purchased a really dark paint the Friday before on my own AND a light fixture because the light in here was terrible. And by terrible I mean that at it's brightest, it would pass for a seedy back room of a bar.

But this weekend? This weekend was the implementation of a rough plan in my head. Plus then it was really a go when I saw that Michael's had buy one, get one free scrapbook storage.

Which, anyone who knows me? Knows I love storage stuff. If we had a container store, I would probably just wet my panties walking in. It's probably best we don't have one because I don't want a reputation and all.

 So now as you walk in, this is to the left. I've moved two bookshelves in here and kept my two bathroom storage/canvas box storage pieces and put a few things on top.
 This is your view on the right. You'll notice Cardboard Robert has made a triumphant return. During the move Matt "accidentally" broke him. Well it's nothing a whole shit ton of tape can't fix.
 This is a better shot of my shelves and such. No, my floor is not that crooked but apparently I can't take pictures. This is only a very small fraction of my books so I'm trying to convince Matt to put huge shelves like he did at our old house so I can get rid of these. He wasn't very enthusiastic about it.
 My bulletin board. I have other things going up on here, obviously, but here are a few favorites I kept from my old scrapbook closet walls.
 The number one question I've gotten (from people who've seen pictures already) was WHY would I paint my walls so effing dark? Simple. I had to accommodate my most favorite picture in the whole wide world. It used to be in a room but there literally is nowhere to put it now, but I can't have this beauty shoved in a closet somewhere.... so I've painted and designed a room around it. The cool part is that after it's all said and done? This room is my personality barfed up in it. Perfect.
 Oooh... my new storage thingies. Well, some of them. I have a lot of stuff, but I don't like people being able to see the stuff, so I like the stuff hidden away. The only drawback is just when I was figuring out where stuff was, I've changed it up.
 This is the built in nook that was made for a TV that I am using as my scrapbook desk, separate from my working desk.
 Oh yes, and above my creative space? The picture my dear friend Shirley sent me. Yet another fun thing that came in the mail during my shitty few weeks. I kind of love this sign.
 And another picture of Robert, because why not? Standing next to a gorgeous print I bought off another blogger years ago. If I remember correctly, it's some place in Iceland. Gorgeous.
Oh yes and my desk. I have more friend photos to put up on my wall, but this one is my favorite. It's from my 30th birthday weekend in Chicago when my three favorite friends celebrated with me. It was such a memorable weekend that when I'm stressed out with life- I just look at that and it cheers me up.

So that's it, lambies. I have yet to get a futon for in here because I want a cozy spot to read, craft, and use as a spot for visitors to crash. AND mostly because I want to try my hand at making a pallet table. All in good time.


Steff said...

I love it! Sometimes dark colors can make a room brighter, if that makes sense haha

Martha Hokenson said...

Love it! And I don't think the walls are too dark at all, they actually look just right to me.

Brenda said...

Your house looks freaking wicked!!!

____j said...

If you ever get the urge to organize another craft room...I have one you could do ;)

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

This is so much more organized than my office. I should send you a picture, it would make you want to come down here and organize. Wait... that would work just fine.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Looks really nice! I love the color!