Monday, December 2, 2013

It's like Oprah's Favorite Things, but you get none of it.

First of all, I forgot to draw a winner for the Color of Light book giveaway on Friday. Once you hear about my Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping extravaganza, you'll understand why I avoided my laptop all weekend basically. To say I was exhausted is an understatement. Secondly, how disgusting is the fact that only SEVEN of you entered to win this book. Seriously. That's terrible. Your odds of winning here are pretty damn high and it's an amazing book.

The winner ended up being #5 Sunshine, so now she can gloat on how awesome her prize is.


Let us talk about the things I want for Christmas. I also refer to this as Sara's Favorite Things, kind of, because they are amazing and you'd want them to. I'm sure. But because I'm not a billionaire, I shall be giving nothing out for free. You can only hope I get these for Christmas and you can live vicariously through me.

1. Really awesome blanket from Barnes and Noble.
 As far as I know, you cannot buy this baby online. Trust me, I looked. I looked for a long time on their website last year because I bought one for my friend and thought I'd just get my own later. Well then they sold the hell out and I was sad. Big sad face. But it's back in stock in the Duluth store, and I want the gray one. It's just a really nice blanket with quotes from good books.

2. This Coach Perfume.
I am, apparently, known for smelling good. Jackson loves to sniff me. Like, a lot. He's kind of like a dog in that way- he really likes to sniff me. Anyways. So I saw this one and decided that the pretty jar and the pretty box deserved to be smelled so I of course, sprayed it all over myself indiscriminately. Then I realized how amazing it was and I found myself walking through Ulta sniffing myself like a weirdo and actually contemplating licking my own arm. Until of course, someone noticed and I had to pretend it's totally normal to almost lick your own arm.

3. New Winter Boots
I need boots I can shovel in and not get pissy that oh hey- these are doing nothing for warmth, but they sure are cute, like the ones I have now. I'm a size 8. Or a 7.5 but with thick socks I'm an 8.

4. This super pretty necklace.
Turquoise Jewelry , Bib Necklace , Bubble Statement Necklace , Bridesmaid Gift -Mermaid Necklace ,beadwork  Beaded Jewelry
I mean, really? How gorgeous is this??

5. Nintendo 3DS. Or a Wii.
Because seriously- I miss playing Super Mario Bros. I'd rather have a 3DS but I wouldn't scoff at a used 2DS. Olivia is getting a brand new one and don't think I haven't been tempted to test it out. I stood in Best Buy for almost an hour playing the demo version of Mario Kart.

6. Books. Seriously. There are hundreds that I want, but I would settle for:

  • Christina Lauren's Beautiful Bastard series. 
  • Lora Leigh's Wounded Warriors series.
  • Tiffany Reisz's The Original Sinners series.
  • Alyson Noel's The Immortals series. 
  • Allison Winn Scotch The Theory of Opposites
  • Or basically on my To Read list. 
  • Or a Barnes & Noble gift card because I am anti-Amazon. 
7. iTunes gift cards. My list of songs/albums I want to buy is really getting long. 

8. A new kitchen knife set. Seriously- if you saw what I'm cutting with, you'd wonder how any of my fingers are intact. Cutting lettuce has become difficult. 

9. Socks. Except I like socks in black/gray/white/beige. Not all on one sock, but for work I either wear black/gray or white/beige. Always. Sometimes I get crazy and wear blue striped socks but I like socks. 
Merona® Women's 3-Pack Preppy Crew Socks Collection
10. Gift cards from Michaels and/or Home Depot. Laugh all you want, but I like knowing I have something to spend when I'm broke. Plus I always have house projects going on, and lord knows I like to be crafty. 

Sherlock Holmes book scarf in petrol blue and white
Sit here and say this isn't amazing and we are no longer friends. 

Dracula Quote Scarf // Bram Stoker's Dracula // Knit Jersey Raw Edged Scarf
13. I think we all agree I need this in my life. I'm a size XL in ladies fit, L in mens. Win. 
Love this!!
14. I cannot find it anywhere, but there is a Yankee Candle called "Fruit Punch" that is orange and it smells like god damn Kool Aid and it is delicious. WANT. 

15. Smarties. Smarties anything, but the lollies. Good lord I love these. 
Smarties<sup>®</sup> Mega Lollies

I can eat these until I throw up and I will still go back for more. Even when I cannot feel my tongue and I think I burned it from too much sugar, I will continue to eat them. I cannot help myself, it's terrible. 

Honestly- I love anything I get. Except things that are meant to be funny. Sometimes I get joke type things and I just get annoyed because I'm like- what the fuck? Did you seriously waste money on this shit? Good lord. But for the most part, I like anything. I love Christmas, I like opening things, and I like getting mail. Everything about the month of December is a win for me. 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I love those scarves, and that perfume does smell amazing. It was between that and on other perfume for my "wedding perfume" but I went with one I've lusted after forever.

And now I want that blanket from B&N. I was just telling Iz I'm over the blankets we have that have holes in them because of the dogs.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I saw that blanket at B&N last time I was there. It's nice. The vampire scarf would be perfect for a friend of mine who writes vampire porn.. um I mean supernatural fiction...