Monday, May 5, 2014

Witch Dark

You guys!! Guess what I spent last night and this morning doing? Oh, reading yet another fabulous book by TL Spencer.

Witch Dark - TL Spencer
Witch Dark (Powers of Witch-Haven)
Destroy the bond of thine enemy and darkness shall spread...
In the town of Witch-Haven where mortals and magic often collide, an evil like no other is brewing; the dark witches that once held so much sway over magic want their power back, and they'll do anything to get it. Even if it means destroying everything around them.

Megan Warren is a normal human girl surrounded by forces she can't control; Derek Jacobs is the necromancer her heart beats for and whose powers she relies upon to aid her save her friends. But even as love blossoms and friendships grow, darkness threatens to consume them.

As people disappear and young boys are sacrificed to an unknown evil, paranoia grows rife throughout the town, and with betrayal and suffering at every turn, will the powers of Witch-Haven be enough to conquer the encroaching evil... Or will the shadows reign?

I absolutely loved this book. I am such a fan when a paranormal book brings in multiple beings into the mix. The primary story line of this book is about the beings slowly figuring out that dark witches are back and really pissed off. Pissed off to the point where they'll murder and kidnap to regain the power they lost long ago. Except only a human Megan doesn't know what's going on around her and doesn't understand the full extent of what a disadvantage she has by being just a human. 

THANKFULLY, she has a really great boyfriend who is teaching her the ropes and he just happens to be a necromancer. I mean, this is a first for me, having a necromancer in a book, and I absolutely love it. 

We spend the entire book trying to figure out who the traitor in their group is, and what exactly is going on in Witch Haven. People are murdered, violence all over, romance brewing, people kidnapped and an ultimate battle at the end where questions are answered, we have more death and violence, and a happy ending (kind of) that we want. 

This very much feels like the start of a series because not all of the loose ends are tied up and the last chapter signals more to come. But it's not the kind of cliff hanger where you want to throw the book because it leaves you absolutely hanging with no satisfaction until the next book, but it's a very smooth transition. It's like, the much needed break after so much major action that you really need. Anything more would overwhelm you. I loved it. If you are a fan of paranormal, you are going to love this. I forgot that I also read her other book Blood Prophecy and I loved that one as well so I'm adding her to my list of authors I watch for new things. 

You should absolutely check out TL's website, her Facebook, and of course her book on Amazon

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