Sunday, August 3, 2014

Binding Agreement

Book review time! Hopefully now that I'm home I can get some more reading done and you can continue filling your "to be read" lists!

Binding Agreement - Pam McKenna
Binding Agreement
A chance encounter on a moonlit beach draws sensible, cautious Kay Denehy into a night of anonymous passion and surrender with a ruthlessly dominant stranger. As John Randall introduces her to the exotic thrills of bondage and discipline, she discovers who she really is under the prim schoolteacher exterior—a sexual submissive who needs the strict and ardent guidance of a take-no-prisoners Dom like him. John carries more than his share of emotional baggage, the result of a tragedy for which he feels responsible. Though he cares for Kay, he refuses to pursue a relationship, certain he could only bring her pain. He pushes her away even as his unconscious dream self turns her into a sex slave to be punished and enjoyed ménage-style by two other zealous and demanding Doms. For the first time in her life, Kay knows what she needs, and who she needs, to be sexua lly and emotionally fulfilled. She knows, too, the path John must take to escape his dark places—if only he’ll trust her to lead the way.

I'm going to give this book 3 stars. And that's only because it was better than a 2 star, but not anywhere near a 4 star. It is a novella and on my Nook it came in at 99 pages so I got this done in a little over an hour, perfect for those of you who want to read but don't have a lot of time to commit to a lengthy book. 

Basically, Kay goes to the beach in the middle of the night. She sees John, who strips down to nothing, goes for a swim. Kay gets knocked over by a wave, John helps her up and then storms off to his house. Kay, confused but totally turned on by him, goes back to her car, now totally soaking wet and freezing. Then her car won't start. So Kay is forced to go to John's house, which seems to be the only one occupied, and from there she has an amazing night of sex with major BDSM tendencies. Now, these are complete strangers, so the entire set up is so strange but you're going with it, because it almost immediately goes into steamy scenes. 

I will say, I don't consider myself a prude and lord knows I've read a wise variety of romance books, including erotica, but this one was almost kind of hard to read. It's not that it's overtly violent, it's just really overwhelmingly dominant. It's like, you know how when you read Fifty Shades, you thought, "hmm.. maybe BDSM wouldn't be so bad"? Well this is like, BDSM is not for me. But not in a "I'm going to end up bleeding with welts" scary, but it felt more... mean? Like John isn't totally nice to Kay and she's refusing to stop because she  has some weird thing she's fighting against internally. 

But I won't tell you what happens beyond that night because it kind of ruins the end of the novella for you. I will say, I'm kind of disappointed? Kay really made a point telling John exactly why she thinks he is this way, and with the changes he made towards the end, I really hoped it would be a "he really loves her so he's willing to be more" and it's not that, per say. I mean, I guess it kind of is from  his perspective but I can't help but wonder if, long term, Kay would be satisfied? It's an interesting thought. 

I will say this: if you are a fan of erotica, and you're a fan of novella length stories, this is definitely a great book for you. Truly. Pick it up and you won't be disappointed. If you get a little squeamish with a BDSM story line, definitely avoid this book because you won't enjoy it and it'll be hard to read. You can purchase the book on Amazon right now. If you are interested in learning more about the author, visit her website

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