Monday, November 5, 2018

Weight Loss Challenge (ep 2)

Let's get started! 

Now, I mentioned I'm doing the Gobble Gallop Tough Turkey 1 miler and I fully intend to dress up. Life is too short to not own a turkey hat, as far as I'm concerned. I just don't know which one I should get: 
In my hunt for a suitable hat, I found turkey socks that I absolutely NEED. 
I am actually pretty excited and I'm going to try to get it done faster than 30 minutes. It took me an hour to do 3.1 miles so I'm really optimistic about this. 

I wanted to share a thing or two each week that I found to be inspirational or even motivational. I'm really going with the idea that happy and positive things are going to lead to good results, and you can tell I'm really grasping at bottom barrel, right? I'm not quite at the point where I have a motivational Pinterest board but don't assume I won't get there when I hit a rut. Ha! 

But this week I've really enjoyed listening to the 300 Pounds and Running podcast. I actually stumbled onto it by accident and since then, I have seen it referenced quite a bit, so it's definitely popular. I know I have a lot of friends who always say, "Oh I can't run" and I know I was definitely in that camp. Until I started doing it and then I can't say I enjoyed it, but I definitely felt like I had accomplished something. My issue has always been coming in dead last and feeling like somehow my accomplishment wasn't good enough because I'm last. I'm definitely not in the boat where I'm thrilled coming in last, but I'm trying to learn grace and how to give myself grace. 

It's a work in progress. 


Shann Eva said...

I wish I lived closer so I could do the Turkey Trot with you! I vote on the first hat, and you definitely have to get those socks. I'm also with you on the I hate outside and nature thing. I went to a class at the gym today, but I'd love to try and run one of these days. Maybe if it stops raining here, I'll try to go once this week.

The Flynnigans said...

Hey, coming in last is better than not coming in at all my love. What you're doing is AMAZING home and do not discount that ever. Big hugs sweetie xoxox

Gonna go watch your vid now! :)