Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Mixtape Tour: also known as Mom's Night Out

I want to start this post and tell you I am not the adult who went to this concert to do something she didn't get to do in her childhood.

My very first concert was the August 11, 1991 stop in St. Petersburg, FL of The Magic Summer Tour. My uncle Ron won tickets off the radio station and gave them to my mom to take me. I was 9 years old and I remember it vividly.
I got this t-shirt and I wore it for pajamas for years. I had two New Kids on the Block tapes, I had a Joe doll (even though I wanted a Jordan doll, but apparently all the stores had left were stupid Joe dolls that Christmas) and I used him in lieu of a Ken doll for Barbie because my mom couldn't afford to get me a Ken doll. I had every NKOTB poster my mom could get out of old magazines at her work. After the concert my mom bought me a VHS tape of the show and I watched it countless times. Honestly, I wonder if she still has it somewhere in her basement.

So all that to say, I've been there and I've done that. I was 100% going because my friend Tammy wanted to go and she bought my ticket.
Tammy is one of my best friends and I'm willing to do a lot for my friends, but I'm also not going to say no to a night out, so there's that.
The concert was going to feature New Kids on the Block but also have appearances by Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Salt N Pepa, and Naughty by Nature. So overall, a pretty fun lineup. 
It turns out I knew a LOT of people going to this concert but I didn't run into anyone. I will say I was taken aback at how completely buck wild some people were in my section. Totally loved all of the 90s inspired outfits and hair because those all required creativity and resourcefulness. Totally could not believe the women around us who were trying to throw their panties. Granted, we were in the damn balcony on the far end of the arena, I have no idea how they thought their panties were going to magically fly across the place but I feel really bad for the people they landed on. 
Anyways. So NKOTB came out and they were OK. It's weird to realize these guys are all pushing 50 so when they come out with injury tape on their shoulder (looking at you, Donnie) or looking like they did not age well AT ALL (cough, DANNY, cough), or pretending they are 21 again with all of the crotch grabs and stage grinding (Jordan? Really?) it's almost embarrassing. I was embarrassed for them. It would be like seeing your dad on stage doing this. No. Just, no. I liked the songs, it was a fun bit of nostalgia but man. No. I'm old and I know it. 
I actually felt bad for Jonathon because you could tell he wasn't into this like they were. I mean he's gay so the 30something women in the crowd isn't in his wheelhouse so that maybe is part of it, but he looks like he's more equipped to live the quiet life. Oh god! And the fake crying on stage! Ugh. Jordan and Joe were both guilty of this and I don't know if it was supposed to be a fake cry or just a display of overly emotional moment? I don't know, but it was cheesy as hell. 
Tiffany came out, did her one hit. It was good, she looked good, she sounded good. She would come out later and sing another two, but honestly I have no idea what they were because I don't remember her ever having more than one hit. 
Debbie Gibson was next, and I'll be honest, I was never into her. I always thought she was lame, but my friend Tammy liked her so she thought that was fine. I will say that when she came out again she sounded really squeaky? Then she did a ballad with Joe from NKOTB and oy. Just oy. 
Salt N Pepa was next and I'm telling you what- they were the highlight for me. I've always enjoyed them and some of my favorite memories involve their tape, Very Necessary. We used to listen to it in our friend's garage and they had one pair of rollerblades that fit nobody and we would take turns and go back and forth in their garage on them. So that was fun. They were great, they rap just as well, and both of their sets was fun. 
The best part? Super impressed with at least the folks around us who knew all of the words and could rap them just as well. I may or may not have had my moments. 
Naughty by Nature were also there and I don't think many people knew who they were? They knew the chorus to "OPP" but who DOESN'T?! Losers without a radio on the 90s, that's who. But anything else? Nope. 

As a whole? It was pretty alright. Would I go again? God no. I've now seen NKOTB twice and I feel like that's enough in my life. I'm not usually a big fan of nostalgia concerts, but it was a fun night out and Tammy had a really great time.

Next concert? I'm taking Olivia and Jackson to see Shawn Mendes on Friday and they have no idea. So that will be fun.


San said...

Oh, I was so excited to see that you went to the Mixtape Tour (I went too)... but it looks like you didn't enjoy it as much as I did. LOL

I've been a NKOTB fan since the very early days and I love that they're still doing there thing. I even got my husband to go and he said they put up a good show. Ok, sure, the crotch grabbing is also not my thing (never was), but I think they're pretty amazing entertainers (to this day).

Lauren said...

I'm a bit too young for NKOTB, but I have to say, if Nsync decided to get it together and tour again, I would go in a heartbeat! LOL They were my first two concerts actually. Sorry it wasn't the best show though! I'm super jealous you're seeing Shawn Mendes though. How fun it's a surprise for Olivia and Jackson. I just love Shawn; he's adorable.


mypixieblog said...

Okay, so I have a lot of thoughts about this post.

Most of them being that i think it's amazing you went on this tour, but also I'm kind of stuck on women throwing their panties onstage, because that has legit never happened at a show I've ever been to in my lifetime and I think it's equal parts hilarious and gross. You know someone in the crowd was like, 'WTF just landed on my head." LOLOLOL!!

I don't get the fake crying or why that was used, but Salt n Pepp must have been so much fun. And who doesn't know Naughty By Nature!? I would be more excited about those two acts, too.

Tanya @ Girl Plus Books said...

I was interested to see your thoughts because I have tickets to the show when they come here next month. My takeaway: Don’t expect much. LOL To be honest, I care nothing about NKOTB. At all. They were past my boy band days (I’m a 70s/80s girl) but I used to love me some Debbie Gibson. I’m interested to hear her live (I never saw her live back in the day) and actually wish it was just her show. LOL The NKOTB sounds pretty cringey.

coach-daddy said...

It's interesting to see how artists age. Think about The Beatles - they were floppy haired boys, then hippies, then mature artists. No pretending or getting stuck in time.

Elvis ... well ...

Third Eye Blind came to a place I used to work. The lead singer sang some songs. We're about the same age. I was belting out "Jumper" and other tunes (in the shower or car) in college. He looks great, but sounds horrible now. I feel like I could still belt out the stuff he was trying to.

Maybe it's delusion! In any event, I get it, what you're saying about some of these artists. It makes me sound old to say "act your age" - but it makes me feel young to know that I try to myself!

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I know SO MANY people who went to this concert. I saw some snaps and videos of the night and was kind of just "eh". I loved them all back in the day but I'm kind of with you, if they haven't aged well and are still trying to pretend they're 20 something, that's kind of sad. And panty throwing? Really? I will fully admit to being a 30 something who went to see Hanson a couple of years ago though so what does that make me? Haha!

Erica Metcalf said...

I'm glad Salt N Pepa was at least a hit for you! This sounds like a rough one...

Sara Strand said...

I have a friend who is a Hanson fanatic and goes on the Hanson trips so no shame there!

Sara Strand said...

They definitely were- that was a fun set!

Sara Strand said...

I saw Third Eye Blind, Dashboard Confessional, and Augustana together on tour and my youth died that night.

Sara Strand said...

Don’t expect much. It IS a fun night and the nostalgia of it is fun, but Donnie does some rambling about how we’re the greatest fans of all time and there are moments when you want to tell “shut up and put your BenGay on!”.

Sara Strand said...

True story- we took 2 year old aolivia to see The Wiggles, a children’s music group. Women threw panties and huge bras. At a CHILDRENS SHOW.

Sara Strand said...

I really hope Shawn Mendes is super good, I’m already dreading the drive home!!!

Sara Strand said...

It was fun but I think I’m maybe too old for the cheesy stuff? And I only liked NKOTB when I was little while they still had a cartoon. Ha!