Thursday, September 5, 2019

Book Review: 1001 Dark Nights: Envy (An Eagle Elite Novella)

You know when you just want to read something really quick but don't have the time to invest in a whole novel? That's when I grab a novella. It's shorter (this one was only like 164 pages or something) and I flew through this in one night. The other great thing about the 1001 Dark Nights series is that it gives you a taste of an author. You can see if you like their writing style, the feel of the series, etc without having to go through a bunch of books. Rachel Van Dyken was a new to me author and HOLY COW I loved this book.

1001 Dark Nights: Envy An Eagle Elite Novella - Rachel Van Dyken

Every family has rules, the mafia just has more....
Do not speak to the bosses unless spoken to. 
Do not make eye contact unless you want to die. 
And above all else, do not fall in love. 
Renee Cassani's future is set.
Her betrothal is set. 
Her life, after nannying for the five families for the summer, is set
Somebody should have told Vic Colezan that. 
He's a man who doesn't take no for an answer. 
And he only wants one thing. 
Somebody should have told Renee that her bodyguard needed as much discipline as the kids she was nannying. 
Good thing Vic has a firm hand.

How many novellas can you name that is 5 stars? Seriously. I can't think of any... until now. I have to say this has been on my shelf a couple of months now and I wasn't sure if this would be my thing but I was in between books and just needed to read something quick so I usually go for the smallest book I could find, so this was it. 

I have to tell you right up front that this book is around the mafia/mob scene, there is some violence, and it's thrown in there rather casually so if that kind of thing makes you squeamish... might want to steer clear OR try this novella to see if you could handle the rest of the series. I say that because even I'm like.... I'm not sure, man. I don't know if I could handle the series myself and you know I'm pretty open to anything. Even with that, this was 5 stars for me.

The story centers around Renee who is a nanny for the summer for a major mob boss, and she's there because her dad is in the mob and she's known this lifestyle since she was little. Enter Vic, who everyone knows is the guy who kills people for the mob, that's his sole job and rightfully so, Renee is terrified of him and avoids him at all costs. It's not hard to do because anytime he's around the hair on the back of her neck goes up, goosebumps, the whole bit. Well... stuff happens (how's that for vague?)... and suddenly Renee finds herself quarantined with Vic basically as her 24/7 bodyguard. And then.... stuff happens.... and they get cozy because they both realize they kind of have had the hots for each other for awhile.


It's not that simple in the mob because it turns our Renee is an important person and there's a reason she's a "nanny" and at the end of the summer she finds out that she has no say in what happens to her.

You guys. I flew through this book. I cannot say that enough. A couple of hours this took me because I kept getting interrupted and I absolutely loved Vic (sure, he kills people for a job but you know.... he's still a good guy!), I loved how this all came around, and now I kind of want to read everything but I'm also completely terrified because I don't know if I can handle it. I mean, I've watched Mob Wives, it's not a fun lifestyle.

I'll keep you updated. In the meantime, you should absolutely pick this up and tell me if I should keep reading. I also need to know I'm not the only one who loves Vic. (I should and kind of feel like those women who fall in love with a serial killer in prison.)

I actually won this in an Instagram giveaway from author K.K. Allen, so that was really fun. Also this post contains affiliate links and I'm supposed to tell you that. 

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