Thursday, December 26, 2019

Book Review: Hoops Holiday

I hope you all had a really great Christmas and that Santa was really good to you. We had a pretty good one but I'll talk more about that next week because we still have one more Christmas to do with my brother and his family this coming weekend.

In the meantime, let's do some book reviews! Today I have one for you, tomorrow I'll have two for you, and I might even have one for next week and that will finish my Goodreads Challenge for 2019!

Hoops Holiday - Kennedy Ryan

MacKenzie Decker was a question Avery never got to ask, much less answer.

They met when she was a young reporter fueled by ambition, and the ink on Deck's first NBA contract was barely dry. Years later, they've climbed so high and lost so much, but one thing hasn't changed. The attraction that simmered between them in a locker room before is still there. With success like theirs, everything has been possible . . . except them.

That was then . . . but what about now?

The great thing about this one is it's a quick novella but it does contain two bonus shorts that feature the couples from the two books previous to this (Long Shot & Block Shot) so if you're missing them you can get a little visit in just a few pages. This book only features Decker & Avery though and it is really a great read as you snuggle under your new blankets and the kids run wild with their new toys.

In this one we have Avery, an up and coming sports journalist, who meets MacKenzie Decker (who goes by Deck) in an unfortunate way, but that one moment in time stays with them both (hard not to because it was pretty memorable). Definitely a connection between them that engagements, marriage, children, and death can't deter it so when they find themselves working together years later, it's obvious the connection is still there. Older and wiser, they slowly forge their way into a relationship while navigating each other's issues plus the difficulty of long distance romance.

Overall? I have to give this one a solid 4. I like that this series is tackling serious issues and though this is only a novella, it also tackles the issue of suicide but also grief/grieving, and I appreciate that. What I wish we had more of was the romance. Avery almost got on my nerves because she is the queen of mixed signals, and I got a little irritated for how determined Deck was he was ready to give up easily on the whole thing. A few missteps but overall I did like this one and I liked the two bonus epilogues featuring past characters. Definitely a quick one to enjoy before the end of the year.

I have yet to read other books in this series, so don't spoil it for me! This post contains affiliate links and happy reading! 

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