Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Book Review: Reborn Yesterday

I've been reading off and on when I've got time and I'm behind in my reviews. Which is terrible. I know. I'm starting to get back on track though, so I'm bringing this to you today because you HAVE to read this one if you like romance. Seriously.
Reborn Yesterday - Tessa Bailey
A timeless love story with bite.
It was a night like any other for funeral home director Ginny Lynn, until the exceptionally handsome—and unfortunately deceased—young man on her embalming table sat up, opened his emerald eyes and changed the course of her life forever, making her feel quite fluttery while he was at it.
Humans aren't supposed to know Jonas Cantrell, or any vampire, exists. It's kind of a major rule. Despite his instantaneous bond with perfectly peculiar Ginny, he has no choice but to erase her memories of their one and only meeting.
That was the plan. Before a reluctant Jonas can wipe Ginny's mind clean, she reveals a secret that brings their worlds crashing together. Human and vampire. Past and present. Darkness and light. And while their love is strictly forbidden, it might be the only thing that can save them…
I jumped onto this tour because I am a huge Tessa Bailey fan anyways and I had no idea that this was going to be a romantic comedic suspense with a paranormal twist.

She's literally going for every genre and she NAILED IT.

I absolutely loved Ginny and her quirkiness. She's an awkward dork in all of the best ways. Then we have Jonas, a vampire who shouldn't fraternize with humans who suddenly finds himself obsessed with little oddball Ginny. I want so badly to explain how much I loved this, how often I found myself laughing out loud during this but it ruins it all. It would ruin the entire thing and you just need to go in knowing you are going to love this from page one to done.

The overview of this Ginny, a  mortician, has a body to deal with in her morgue but she can't quite bring herself to start because something isn't quite right. She's right because he pops up and instead of freaking out she seems oddly relieved. Jonas knows he needs to get out of there quickly but he can't really decide why, and knowing this, Ginny decides to stall to buy a little more time with him. It quickly becomes apparent that it isn't going to be enough and soon they find themselves inseparable.

Quite unfortunate really, because there are three real rules in vampire world and Jonas finds himself breaking all three with Ginny. Just when he is about to really say goodbye and erase her memory of him, he realizes she's in actual danger. Her life has almost ended a few times and nobody really knows why someone has it out for her, he knows if she died it would gut him.

He just doesn't know why. Yet.

I was absolutely glued to this book and could not put it down. I found myself laughing throughout while at the same time at the edge of my seat wanting to know who was trying to kill Ginny. I wanted Jonas and Ginny to make it and I got SO WORRIED that I would be left with a cliffhanger considering this is book on in the Phenomenal Fate series but rest assured, this is a stand alone. Not that you'll want to stop there, because Tessa Bailey gives us a fantastic cast of characters that we want to know more about and I can't wait to read their stories!
An incredibly HUGE thanks to Social Butterfly PR and Tessa Bailey


Kristin said...

Oh wow. I love vampire stories, and this one sounds like it has some interesting elements we don't often see. Thanks for sharing!

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

Normally I am not a vampire fan but given that this one has the romance element to it makes me kind of curious! I might have to check it out!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

It's been a while since I've read a book with vampires -I do love them. And Ginny sounds fantastic - plus, I LOVE books that can make me laugh. I'm sold!


Anonymous said...

I love when a story can embody more than one niche. Because isn't what life is like? I love that you called the author an awkward dork in all the right ways - I aspire for someone to refer to me as such someday.