Monday, October 5, 2020

Book Review: The Silent House

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good but went by far too fast. I feel like we are at the point of year that I really just need to sleep. Maybe I was supposed to be a bear because the idea of eating voraciously all summer and sleeping through the entire winter sounds like a dream, to be honest. 

The Silent House - Nell Pattison

But the Hunter family are deaf, and don’t hear a thing when a shocking crime takes place in the middle of the night. Instead, they wake up to their worst nightmare: the murder of their daughter.

The police call Paige Northwood to the scene to interpret for the witnesses. They’re in shock, but Paige senses the Hunters are hiding something.

One by one, people from Paige’s community start to fall under suspicion. But who would kill a little girl?

Was it an intruder?

Or was the murderer closer to home?

I don't have to tell you the entire premise of this book made me jump at it. If you don't know me in real life, you don't know how much of a wuss I am. I can't do scary movies, scary costumes, you will never see me in a haunted anything, and I don't like scary books. I've passed this trait down to my children, but Olivia is the worst because she obsessively is locking windows and doors because the idea of someone being in our house at night puts her and I on edge. I think of the plan I would have should that happen, like what if they've killed Matt and I have to somehow get as many kids as I can and get out? What if I have to hide in the house to call 911, where would I do this? 

I'm in therapy, you guys, so I'm working through this. 


I really felt like this book was calling to me. Like fate was calling my name and waving this in front of me, so I had to do it. You know I had to. 

What. A. Ride. Seriously. If you are a fan of the Crime Junkie podcast or just solving murders and stuff, this is the book for you. We have a family who are all deaf. They wake up, a little girl is dead- bludgeoned to death and it is awful, with it all taking place in the middle of the night. 

Now imagine someone being in your home, while you sleep, murdering someone, and YOU HEAR NOTHING. 

That thought alone freaked me out. Anyways, the police need help communicating with the family so they call in an interpreter, Paige, to assist. The deaf community is rather small so she knows the family but doesn't know them, until she realizes the little girl murdered has a connection to her sister. The entire book is Paige trying to unwind this mystery herself because all of the family look good for it, there is circumstantial evidence, and the police have to really solve this because people in the community want answers. The only problem is Paige just knows something doesn't add up. 

I will tell you I thought I had this figured out around the middle/last quarterish of the book but NOPE. Not even stinking close and good gravy. It is bananas and people are deranged, lets put it that way. I absolutely loved this one, and it has made me do more checks on windows and doors, no joke. If I had to give a critique I would say it reads a little slow. I would have liked the pace to go a little faster, because once I thought I figured it out I was going to set it aside. I'm glad I didn't because I was totally and completely wrong, obviously, but I'm telling you to keep with it. 

Thank you to HarperCollins360 for sending me a copy to review, I'm a lucky duck and they rock my socks for sure. 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

OMG I totally need to read this book!

Also, don't listen to Crime Junkie. You won't be able to sleep. I'm addicted but it totally opens your eyes up to how many bad people are in the world.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

This sounds fantastic. Also, terrifying. hah I'm already quite paranoid so I really don't know how I read mysteries/thrillers. I used to hate them, but I'm obsessed now. Still makes me paranoid though.

Good to know it reads a bit slow, but yay for not guessing what's going on. That's always a plus!