Monday, March 22, 2021

Book Review: No Regrets

Are you looking for a summer read? I am not even going to fudge it, I love covers of books and 100% judge books by their cover. I can't help it, and it really hasn't served me wrong, and it definitely worked on this one. 

No Regrets - Tabitha Webb

Best friends Stella, Ana and Dixie have always lived life to the full. But now they’re approaching their forties, reality is starting to kill the mood…

Stella loves her children, but misses her glittering career. Plus she can’t even remember the last time she had sex.

Ana is trying for a baby with her partner Rex. So why can’t she stop thinking about the one that got away?

Dixie is the wildest of them all. A Tinder addict who’ll never settle down. But has she accidentally found Mr Right…?

It’s time for the friends to shake things up and start having some fun. Because you only regret the things you don’t do, right?

Here's where I confess to my absolute loserness, I have never watched Sex and the City OR any of the Bridget Jones' Diary. Never once, ever ever. This book is compared to both of those and I really can't tell you if that is true at all, but I suppose if you loved either of those you'd likely enjoy this one. Or if you're a cool kid like me (or someone who never had cable and just isn't interested unless there is dead bodies in it), you haven't seen those but you'll enjoy this one anyways. 

The book follows the lives of three friends: Stella, Ana, and Dixie. Stella once had a really exciting job in the fashion industry but once she had children she's been home and isn't adjusting well. She's missing her previous life, she's struggling with momlife, and she is starting to suspect something isn't quite right with her husband, who is still a high profile lawyer. We also have Ana, who is in a steady relationship with a reliable, and safe, guy. She's not a spring chicken so they are trying for a baby but Ana has this nagging feeling in the back of her head that maybe she's made a mistake along the way and that the grass is maybe greener. Dixie is different than both, she's single and ready to mingle... or just Tinder. She's got a great job, she commutes between London and New York frequently, and on one of those flights she meets a guy who is seemingly really great. It definitely confuses her because she felt happy and content with her steady Tinder activity, but once meeting this guy she's thrown for a loop and she starts to question if settling down is something she needs to consider. 

Initially, I had a hard time sticking with this one and I was worried that I would end up DNF'ing this. Just know that going in, the whole set up of each character (the chapters switch from different POV's) is a bit slow, but once the ball starts rolling it really picks up. The book is hilarious in parts, it is definitely raunchy in others, and it becomes a really perfect beach/vacation read. It's going to top the summer reading lists this summer, you can count on it. 

I thought I was going to really identify with Stella the most, and I guess in mom perspective I kind of did, but she has a lot of other things the roll on in the book that I just didn't love and she felt kind of like the weakest character. Dixie was my favorite, but all three of them are so wildly different but together they all kind of fit together. 

Thank you to Harper360 for sending me an ARC of this, what a way to start my spring/summer reading!  

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Why Girls Are Weird said...

Bridget Jones is totally overrated, you're not missing anything. I might have to read this book, it sounds like a good read while sitting by the pool this summer.