Thursday, March 3, 2022

Book Review: Edward and Annie

It's been awhile since I've done a children's book, but today I have one! It's even about an aquarium I've actually been to!

Edward and Annie - Caryn Rivadeneira

Join famous penguins, Edward and Annie, the viral sensations, as they waddle through Chicago's Shedd Aquarium in this adventure story.

When no one comes to visit the aquarium, penguin pair Edward and Annie wonder, Where did everyone go? This romp through Chicago's Shedd Aquarium takes children and their families on an adventure through the marine world. As Edward and Annie explore the unknown parts of their aquarium home and meet the other wonderfully strange creatures living there, these penguin friends discover that the world is much bigger and more interesting than they ever knew. After much excitement and many surprises, they return to the penguin habitat for the best end to any day: a cozy rest at home.
Maybe for the first time ever, I have actually been to the place the book is from. For real. Picture it, Chicago, August 2012: 
Matt and I brought Olivia and Jackson to Chicago for the weekend and one of our stops was the Shedd Aquarium. If you're in the area, you should go because it's a very cool aquarium and your kids will love it, but you will, too. That's my plug for the aquarium. You're welcome. 

OK, so let's talk about the book- it's cute. It's a super cute book, illustrator Katy Tanis did a great job with each page, truly. I have to mention that my youngest, Lucy, absolutely loves penguins so she was all about this book but towards the end, there is a white-spotted guitarfish named Lucy and she thought that was the coolest, and funniest, thing in the whole world. I did make the mistake of reading this as a bedtime book because it's a little long but it also led to both Penelope and Lucy asking a TON of questions. Just non stop questions. The story is all about penguin sensations Edward and Annie learning about the Shedd Aquarium by taking a tour of the place, so we meet other animals and learn about the animals, but also about exploring and being curious and brave. 

If you have a kiddo who loves animals, or maybe you're looking for a good gift idea, consider picking this up with some tickets for your local zoo/aquarium! Thank you to TLC Book Tours, Tommy Nelson Books, and Shedd Aquarium for having me on this tour! 

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