Monday, November 15, 2010

Lenny & Weekend Part One

So because some of you aren't on Facebook and have emailed me about Lenny-- he's officially passed away. I am incredibly angry with the Superior Animal Hospital that I can barely put it into words. First off, they never told us last week that once a cat gets urinary blockage that it basically will come back again and again. And the vet tried talking us into spending another $1100 to "maybe" fix it. Among other things I'm too angry to talk about, I almost hit that bitch. Thank god I had Matt with me because I could be in jail as we speak. Anyways. We made the decision yesterday and I think Lenny knew. We brought him in and after being kind of rude and insensitive to us, they get an IV in him for the euthanasia. He kept rubbing up against us and meowing and it was breaking out hearts. Literally seconds before they do it they asked if we've already paid and we told them to add it to the fucking bill. Lenny looked at me, meowed in a very sad way, and then he was gone. It was only seconds but it was awful. They let us hang out with him for a little while and by the time they took him I had cried so much he was soaking wet. They checked him out and Matt is going to bury him under our apple tree this evening. My face is super red and hurts from crying and blowing my nose so much. So now, I have no Lenny AND I'm stuck with a $1200 bill because hey! We have to pay to put him down. And to as soon as I saw his bowl & humping blanket when I got home? Totally lost it. I can't even tell you how heavy my heart is right now. So let's all take a moment and say goodbye to Lenny. (Thanks to a lovely lambwhore that made this for me!)
OK. So I promised I would make an effort with a post so I'm going to write about part of my weekend. The other part (and funny pictures) will come tomorrow.

Saturday I drove down to River Falls to see Krysten and start the blog get-together weekend. Because I am an idiot I decided that I would take a risk and drive in a snowstorm. The fact that it took me an hour to get to Cloquet, which usually takes me 15 minutes, was not a good sign.
 And maybe the fact that it took me 3 hours to get to Hinckley when it's only an hour away was an even worse sign. Seriously. This picture? Is the only  time I could see the road and the car ahead of me. On a highway where it's 70mph max and 40mph min, I was doing 30. At one point we hit 20mph and the most I ever did was 40mph. And even that was iffy. It cannot be said I'm not a good friend, that's for damn sure.
 But once I got there, I got to see Krysten's new house which is amazing and I'm jealous of her fireplace. And that she has a guest bedroom. And her dog, Monte. And her cat, Molly. I can't say much for Metro because he hates women and that he's huge...but Monte and Molly liked me. And I liked the fact her dog humps her cat. I couldn't get a picture but someday I will. It was hilarious.

When I was there I watched Harry Potter movies 3 and 4 (guess what, Krysten?? We have movies 1-5. Who knew?? I didn't and I fucking live here! So I'm watching #5 tonight!) because I can't be her friend if I'm not up to speed on all things Potter. I'm working on it.

We ate junk food, talked about life and watched movies. It was a good night. Sunday we went to the Mall of America.. more on that tomorrow.

But here's a picture of Krysten and I holding Monte. The one with Monte licking my tongue was too blurry which is sad. And do you love how we are color coordinated without planning? I totally do.


Ang said...

this post just brought tears to my eyes, i remember the moment I had to put my cat down and, well... we still have him in the china cabinet - I'll never part with him, he was a fucking awesome cat. My heart goes out to you Sara, more than you know.

I can't believe you took that drive on Saturday... boyfriend said to me "good thing the blog meetup got messed up, I wouldn't let you drive all that way in this crap"... and I'm only an hour away.
True friend you are!

Shirley said...

They should have told you the last week that it would keep coming back so that you could have made this decision $1200 ago. It just seems greedy.

kimberrleigh said...

I'm crying for you sweetie. I felt the same thing for Katie when we put her down. I can try and tell you that things will get better with time, but sometimes it gets harder. I don't go a day without thinking about her.

Stay strong, as strong as you can. I feel for you 110% right now. You're in my prayers, love you!


AmberLaShell said...

I am so sorry you had to lose your cat, i know there isn't anything that can be said to make you feel better, but i just wanted you to know that I feel for you.

Brittany said...

Love it! I'm bummed I missed the get together, but seriously I couldnt risk the drive! :( Next time!

so sorry to hear about the kitty!!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yep, totally started crying. I remember when I was 17 and we put our family dog to sleep. She was old, yes, but one day something snapped in her. They told us she needed heart surgery but as a family we decided it would be better for her to just not be in pain anymore. It was pretty much one of the saddest days of my life. It's horrible when you know your pet is hurting.

Anyway, I'm crying and dripping snot and it's really not at all attractive. But I am proud that you have some of the HPs - how did you not know that? That's a little weird Sara. Just sayin'.

Helena said...

I am so sorry. You guys gave him a great life, and you loved him so much.

I can't believe that vet was that greedy and insensitive. For the record, I would have punched het for you.

Unknown said...

Sooooooooooo sorry for your loss and I wish you could have laid one on the bitch just to make you feel like you got some of your anger to the right place. Hopefully the rest of your week will go much better. Be careful on those roads girl.

Kattrina said...

I'm so sorry about Lenny. Putting animals down is the worst thing ever. We had to do that to our family dog and I think I cried every night for a week. If I think about it for too long I'll start crying again and it was five years ago.

Glad your weekend with Krysten was good though and I can't believe it's snowing!! Although I heard about the storm in MN, but still, it's only November!!!

Missy Salsa said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I can't imagine being without my fur babies, but I've had my share of animals and it's never easy. ****Hugs****

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Lenny. That's super sad and it sounds like it's time to find a new vet for the sake of the other animals. I can't believe they were so insensitive AND that they charged you for the IV after they had already charged you $1100 bucks the week before. I'm sending love vibes and warm thoughts to you and Lenny.

Anna @ The Owl & The Phoenix said...

I'm so sorry the vet office made an incredibly painful experience even more difficult =( It just breaks my heart to hear that you had to put him down. I try not to think about the day I have to do it for one of my cats because I know I will be a wreck.

Also, I'm with Krysten. It's a little weird you didn't know you had all those Harry Potter movies! And, read the books...please!

Gini said...

I can't believe you were treated so negligently by that animal hospital! Horrible. I'm sorry about Lenny. Hugs, Sar.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you had to put Lenny down. It just breaks my heart and makes me hug Ella a little tighter.

I hate that those assholes were so inconsiderate. I would write them a nasty fuck you letter and tell them to take their 1200 bill and shove it in their ass.


Anywhoo, sending you some positive vibes to your hurting heart.

PS: That pic of you and Krystan is the cutest.

Danielle said...

I'm so sorry, Sara. I'm glad that at least you had a fun night away from everything. Even though it was sad you had to come back to the reality of having Lenny put down. He isn't suffering anymore so that's a plus I guess? Ugh. I'm just so sorry.

The pic of you and Krysten is so cute and the dog is soooo ADORABLE!!!

prettylittlereckless said...

again- so sorry about Lenny! so heartbreaking. pets are definitely family members and I know when our family pet is no longer with us, it'll be devastating. I'm sure he knew you were doing the right thing though.

Also- that is some crazy weather you drove in! It was great meeting you on Sunday!

asj said...

I'm so sorry.... I wish I had words to make this better but I don't so I'll just say - I'm here if you need anything!

Julie H said...

It would be nice if vets could just tell you "hey look your animal is most likely not going to make it" instead of bleeding you dry of all the money you don't have. A girl at work has a several thousand dollar vet bill she'll be paying for the next few years for her cat that was never going to make it either.

I have never driven in snow. I think I'd probably shit myself.

Lady Grey said...

Sara, sorry to hear about your fur-child, I am so sad for you.

SarahMarie said...

I'm behind with my blogs, so I just saw this. I am so so sorry for your loss. It's heartbreaking to lose a pet.