Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Book of Lies

Best description... this book was kind of funky in a really good way.

The Book of Lies- Mary Horlock
The Book of Lies: A Novel (P.S.)
Life on the tiny island of Guernsey has just become a whole lot harder for fifteen-year-old Cat Rozier. She’s gone from model pupil to murderer, but she swears it’s not her fault. Apparently it’s all the fault of history.

A new arrival at Cat’s high school in 1984, the beautiful and instantly popular Nicolette inexplicably takes Cat under her wing. The two become inseparable—going to parties together, checking out boys, and drinking whatever liquor they can shoplift. But a perceived betrayal sends them spinning apart, and Nic responds with cruel, over-the-top retribution.

Cat’s recently deceased father, Emile, dedicated his adult life to uncovering the truth about the Nazi occupation of Guernsey—from Churchill’s abandonment of the island to the stories of those who resisted—in hopes of repairing the reputation of his older brother, Charlie. Through Emile’s letters and Charlie’s words—recorded on tapes before his own death—a “confession” takes shape, revealing the secrets deeply woven into the fabric of the island . . . and into the Rozier family story.

Ok, so I have to say that when I started the book I wasn't sure. I wasn't even sure I could finish it because it is so different than what I'm used to reading. The story is written through the point of view of Cat who is a quirky girl who is a bit socially awkward, and like most girls her age, just wants to fit in. The book bounces back and forth between Cat's present day problems to her family history with the story of her father and her shamed uncle Charlie.

I will tell you that if you are at all interested about the Nazi occupation, you'll probably love this story. I love me some good history even if it is through the eyes of a fictional book, so I did enjoy that. The thing that hooked me though was how relatable the entire book was. I could relate to Cat trying so hard to be a popular girl and be a part of the "in" crowd. In doing so, she finds herself changing who she is in order to be more appealing to that group and she lies to make herself seem more interesting. The only problem is that her lies catch up to her, and she becomes the victim of bullying and isolation. So again, if you've ever been in that situation, you might enjoy this book as well.

But I must say... I love how the book ended. I know that it was written through Cat's eyes but I didn't really expect the book to end as it did. Not story wise, but just the true format of the book. Which... probably doesn't make sense to you but to tell you what that means would be to ruin the premise of the entire book. So I do recommend that you give this book a try. Plus, it was a good airplane read!

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I am so excited to read this one - it sounds like exactly the kind of book I like to read.

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