Monday, January 28, 2013

The Goddaughter (and Giveaway!!)

Raise your hand if you like books you can finish in under two hours!

The Goddaughter - Melodie Campbell
The Goddaughter (Rapid Reads)
Gina Gallo is a gemologist who would like nothing better than to run her little jewelry shop. Unfortunately she's also "the Goddaughter," and, as she tells her new friend Pete, "you don't get to choose your relatives." And you can't avoid them when you live in Hamilton and they more or less run the place. When Gina bumps into Pete at the Art Gallery Gala, sparks fly. So do bullets, when her cousin Tony is taken down by rival mobsters from New York. It turns out Tony was carrying a load of hot gems in the heel of his shoe. When Gina is reluctantly recruited to carry the rocks back to Buffalo, the worst happens: they get stolen. Pete and Gina have no choice but to steal them back, even though philandering politicians, shoe fetishists, and a trio of inept goons stand in their way. It's all in a day's work, when you're the Goddaughter.

Short, funny, and entertaining are the three best adjectives to describe this one. This book is a Rapid Read and it clocks in at just over 100 pages so you can shove this thing in your purse and get 'er done at work on your lunch. Or extended lunch for those of you who aren't really working anyways. 

The fact that Gina is from a crime family and is so incredibly bad at being a criminal herself is kind of hilarious. I mean, hiding gems in shoes is kind of clever, but the fact she had them stolen in a mall and the chase to get them back lead her to Arizona? Even better. I also love the fact that she has Peter, who is this genuine good guy who knows she's from a crime family, and he willingly goes on the chase with her to get them back. I did find myself laughing in some spots and I finished it in under two hours including the time to eat my lunch in there. 

Basically we have suspense (will she get the gems back??), romance (does she finally fall for Peter) and comedy so you really can't go wrong with this book. It's very Stephanie Plum from the Janet Evanovich series so if you like those, you'll really like this one. You can check out Melodie's website HERE, and buy the book on Amazon HERE

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Melodie Campbell said...

Sara, thank you so much for this delightful review! I am thrilled you enjoyed the book.
And I have news: I just signed the contract last week for the second in the series: THE GODDAUGHTER'S REVENGE!
Pete and Gina will be back with more capers-gone-wrong.
Thanks again for this opportunity to appear on your site.

justme5686 said...

You can give it to me, lovie! -edugosh(at)gmail(dot)com

Unknown said...

This looks awesome... And I love getting mail from you! You know where I live.

Unknown said...

Wow this looks like a great book! Not sure if the giveaway is over but I'll leave a comment just in case! Ha.