Monday, April 22, 2013

I should be a foreman. Or be in management.

Do you remember on Friday when I was freaking out about home improvement stuff and I made totally "unrealistic" demands of Matt?

Well all of his bitching was totally ridiculous because it got done. Almost all of it got done with the help of my really great micro-managing skills, my multi-tasking job assignment skills and my refusal of breaks unless you thought you were going to have an accident. We're obviously not union run around here but we are productive.

 Though they aren't technically legal to work, I put Jackson and Olivia to work as well. This apparently required aprons and goggles. Safety first, bitches.
But this is the wall in the laundry room totally finished and painted. Door trim is up.  
 The laundry room also has a ceiling and light fixture. This room looks a 1000% better than it did before. The best part about this is that for eight years Matt has complained at what a pain in the ass job the ceiling was going to be. Guess how long it took him? A few hours. Whiner.
 The front porch seemed like more of a pain in the ass because it literally took him all day Saturday and part of Sunday to finish. I'm pretty sure that because nothing in there is level or square that it was really pissing him off. But it looks nice. The room looks brighter and cleaner and though it is paneling, it's not offensive poop brown paneling.
AND, my bedroom door has trim around it AND my baseboard are trimmed out. It's perfect. Even though Matt broke my side table lamp from IKEA because he breaks them all of the time, it's still a win. I just need to hope IKEA carries them still. (See, Amy? I knew I should have bought extras last time!!)

Tomorrow the Realtor comes to take pictures of our house and basically give us an estimate of what we could get for it. Crossing fingers. I've cleaned like a mother fucker all weekend, purged all kinds of stuff and I am currently getting ready to sweep and mop my floors. Matt says I've lost my mind. I say I want my house to look nice.

But again, I'm so nervous my bowels are rioting.

What's making me nervous is what if our house sells fast and there is basically nothing great to pick for us to buy? Because the market is kind of dead here as far as nice stuff. And what if our house doesn't sell fast? Or at all? It's really very stressful. So yes, cross your fingers. And toes too if you're a freak and can do that.

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Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I'm pretty sure you can place a conditional clause on your house saying that if you don't sell your house in x days you can back out. But I'm not a realtor or anything.

kimberrleigh said...

1) I love you. 2) I'm praying that you end up getting a kick ass ton for your house so you can get a bigger, pretty, nothing-needs-to-be-done-for-10-more-years house, and one with a spare bedroom so I can come visit. KAY? K.

carelessly graceful

middle child said...

Um. So are you saying a house should have base boards and doors should have trim? I mean, if you are in the bathroom and there is trim around the door, how do you see inside when the door is closed? Your house looks good. You have done all you can so try to relax and let go of the worry for now.

Ruth said...

Nothing is square or level in my house so remodeling is a pain. I have poop brown paneling in my living room and kitchen. Next rooms to be done. Cross fingers.
Everything looks good.

Blue Foot said...

Stop worrying about stuff that you have no control over. It will all work out in the end. You'll sell your house and you will find a nicer house in a nicer neighborhood. Where people don't shoot the windows out of your van and you can run without worrying about weirdos following you. It will be great. Stay positive!

Unknown said...

6 different finger crossings here for you! The house looks awesome!

How much bigger of a house are you hoping to get, and I pray that this one doesn't have a ghost;).

Lin said...

Looking good! The kids look adorable in their little Home Depot smocks.