Tuesday, April 30, 2013

That time I held Mikel Jollett's hand.

Otherwise known as that time I took my dear friend Emily to her first concert ever and we saw The Airborne Toxic Event. It was glorious.

It was mostly really great to see Emily because I miss her a lot even though I'm happy she's doing her dream job and lives in a place dubbed the River House. We had a great dinner in Roseville and though she was reluctant to wait for hours outside of the venue despite my logic, she was a real trooper. Freezing wind and all. And the fact that I promised that some random old guy would make friends and she was probably doubtful, but it really ended up happening probably helped. AND we made friends with a definitely crazy, possibly drunk girl from Denver. And by "we made friends" I mean she randomly asked if we were fans of the band, showed us pictures off her phone and almost set my hair on fire with her cigarette. So you know, a typical Sara Tuesday.

But once we were in it was pretty great. Kodaline opened for them and they were really great. I knew that I knew at least one song of theirs but then it turns out I knew all of the ones they played. Cute little Irish boys.

Kodaline played a relatively short set but they were really great. I can't stress that enough. Then of course The Airborne Toxic Event came on and I screamed like a twelve year old girl.  
The best part is that at like song two, Mikel climbed up the wall onto the stairs making his way through the crowd. And when he went by me, he grabbed my hand and squeezed it. Not going to lie, I almost died from it. I love him. Mucho. Like if he had dragged me away I would have went willingly. And he has soft hands. *sigh*

They did pretty much every song of theirs, played some new stuff and just made it a really fantastic concert. Oh! And then at one point Mikel spoke of the origin of the band name which is from a book called White Noise, and so I cheered because hello- read it! So he was taken aback and said, "Never thought I'd hear a cheer for a book at a rock concert." Um yeah- you're not aware of my bad ass-ness and we should be friends.
And it's always really great when you have a crowd of fans when literally everyone sings along, it brings the concert to another level. Which is exactly what happened. It was so great. I clapped so much that the palms of my hands had bruises, people. I sang along and the next day I felt like not only I had chain smoked a million cigarettes but that I was severely  hung over. All signs that the complete exhaustion was worth it.

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