Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One minute.

I've decided that since I've not been blogging a whole bunch, I would take exactly one minute to just spew what's happening in my life right now. Fortunately for you, I'm a fast typist. WOO. 

1. I volunteer at a lot of things/places but there is one particular one that is driving me nuts. I put a lot of time into it and I understand volunteering is mostly a thankless job but man. There are some people I deal with that complain about everything. Whatever I do to make it better, they complain more or in a really passive aggressive way say my first idea was better even though they shot it down, prompting me to come up with something better. No matter what I do, it's shit. 

2. Finances are a freaking mess right now. The not awesome thing is how one bad month can mess up several months later. I'm trying to keep my head above water and just make everything happen and it's awful. 

3. Matt is wishy washy on his anti depressants again so you can assume what that's been like. 

4. I'm sick of hearing someone complain about how their life is and they do literally nothing to fix it. They complain about being broke but have such high requirements for a new job and won't take a second job.

5. Then the plight of shitty work ethic? Good lord. It turns out that I know a lot of people who have a terrible work ethic. I'll tell you what- I don't care what I'm hired to do, or where I work, if my boss tells me I need to clean bathrooms? I'm going to do it because I'm getting paid to WORK. I might not like it, but that's the point of a job- you work. Even if it's something you hate to do and really don't want to do. Be thankful to even have a job. 

6. I'm contemplating going back to school. Dudes- I know. I'm freaking out. I'm on the fence. I really want to be an editor or even a copy editor, and some day work for a publishing house. That's a post for another day with my entire dilemma spilled out so you can see what runs through my head every day. It's ridiculous. 

7. Facebook makes me want to stab myself sometimes. I swear to you, if you have multiple kids, and I'm going to say anything over 2, you are an expert. Stop asking dumb fucking questions in your quest for attention. I mean, first time parents? Ask away. Second time parents? Still OK because the second kid is far different than the first usually. Anything after that? Come on now, get your shit together. I mean, by kid 5 you should know when you can feed them solids. Don't be a dumb ass. 

8. I was volunteering at Barnes & Noble this weekend because my kids' school was having a book fair fundraiser. I turned out to be the one man fundraiser and that was fine because I made friends with a cool children's author. ANYWAYS. I was kind of appalled at how many people flat out were like, "We support no other school, just ours." Um, are you kidding me? What kind of jerk are you? I support every school. If I'm shopping for books, and I see a book fair table, I will always go get the voucher and help someone out. I'm already buying the books- it's not like I'm shelling out additional money. I was just surprised at how many people aren't very giving at all. 

9. I read a cool article about how this guy, who is divorced, wrote about what he could have done better as a husband, but also what his wife could have done to be better. Which, totally interesting not matter the state of your marriage. But what was cool was that he was basically saying that as a wife, husbands want you to appreciate them and need them, but not TOTALLY need them. Basically you can't be a co-dependent, where if they just up and left you, you'd be stranded. Which I loved because that's how I've always kind of been. Sure, if Matt left I'd have to move back home for a bit but it wouldn't be the end of the world. I'd figure it out and get it worked out. But I know lots of women who rely on their husbands for EVERYTHING. Husband leaves for work for the weekend and you see on Facebook, "This is so hard", etc. And it's like dang..... get it together. What would you do if he died?? And sadly, that happens. So Matt and I have this good balance of needing each other at the right times but both knowing that if one of us leaves or dies, the other will be OK. Sad for awhile, yes, but not completely losing track of the cart either. 

So there. One minute. 

What's going on with you?

Oh and YES- to the few who've emailed, if you have a Dear Sara, go ahead and email me! I have a few rainy day ones in my inbox still and maybe I'll pull those out. We'll see. ;) 


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

My job is currently cross stitching and watching TV. I miss working sogoddamnmuch. I feel useless without it.

Julie H said...

1. People are whiners.
2. I feel your pain.
3. I got some anti-depressants for Scott at the dr so now he's acting all chipper to prove he doesn't need them. Guess that works.
4. Sometimes they have to have something extreme to happen for them to be able to make the change.
5. I have a tiny bit of a shitty work ethic but my boss things I'm the bomb so at least I maybe hide it?
6. See previous comments ;)
7. Some people are so annoying on Facebook.
8. I'm horrible I never do any fundraisers for my kid's school. It just annoys me that they pump stuff up for the kids with this whole "you're going to earn this great prize" and then it breaks in the car on the way home.
9. Have a link to the article? I know I'd be ok. I really need to make a "if I die" book with passwords and accounts and such because I do all the bills and everything online and I hardly ever save any paper stuff.
10. OMG you ended on 9? Who does that ;)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

If I died that man & our sons would be lost. They'd spend all the life insurance money on buying clothes because no matter how many times I show them they cannot remember how to work the washer. Not to mention replacing the things they 'lost' because they can't look UNDER things (like dirty clothes) to find missing stuff.
Assuming they managed to collect the money in the first place....
Of course I wouldn't be able to find the insurance stuff either but the day to today living I can pull off, even change my oil & replacing brake pads on my car.