Sunday, October 6, 2013

I wish I could extreme coupon some windows. Or a roof.

Shit is getting real, folks. Matt and I are officially out of reserve money thanks to him buying a truck without telling me.

Yes, I'm still a wee bit pissy about it.

Tomorrow he gets paid and things are going to get bare bones. And when I say bare bones, I really mean it this time. This weekend ended up being unexpectedly not booked with anything, so we really sat down and decided what we need to get done in this house. Fortunately, most of the work part of it will have to wait until next summer, but there are a few things we're going to do over the course of the winter since it doesn't requires anything outdoors to do.

Indoor Repair/Make Less Shitty List:

  • Upstairs toilet. I know, bitches. I know. We'll have a less leaky toilet soon. 
  • Downstairs toilet. I'm getting sick of cleaning this one seven times more than normal. 
  • Downstairs bathroom sink counter top. Because OH HEY, it's all warped and weird because some douchenozzle got it wet and just did nothing about it. AND, as it turns out, it's not really connected to the cabinet. Because of course not. 
  • Paint downstairs bathroom. The fish theme? Has to go. 
  • Make family room area in the basement. This will be a pain because Matt has grand ideas, as do I, and this will mean him really doing a super good job because this is our forever home and he can't half ass it. 
Outdoor List for Summer:
  • 19 windows replaced in front porch. Rough estimate? $3000. *blow* In order to combat that, we're thinking of ways to reduce the weird height of the window but also so it doesn't look weird on the outside.
  • New roof. Matt will do it, so that saves us thousands in a contractor. BUT, we're still looking at probably $6000 by the time it's all said and done. 
There is no way, currently, that we can save $10,000 by next summer. No way. The next option is for me to get a second job, which will mean every night and probably every weekend will be me somewhere working part time just for home improvement projects. Which isn't a big deal, I really don't care where I work. A paycheck is a paycheck. But the thought of having less time to do what I need to is a wee bit daunting. I already feel like I'm barely staying above water as it. 

Best case scenario is we can get another year (or maybe even two) out of our current roof. It isn't awful, but it's clear that it's in need of some help. We bought the house knowing we'd need to do it and projects don't scare us off, it's just daunting when you realize that oh hey- I'm a grown up and I actually have to pay for that roof. And it's not even a fun purchase where you can show it off. Nope- nobody cares if I have shingles or whatever. 

I'm most excited about toilets. Which seems weird, but seriously lambs- the toilet situation is serious up in here. We need to get this resolved. I feel like if I get the two toilets totally replaced, I will feel less angry when I go into the bathroom. And nobody wants to be angry in a bathroom. 

So that's where I'm at. 

OH yes! Check back tomorrow because A) I have another book review and B) I have a super awesome, amazingly kickass giveaway for you. Like over the MOON excited about this one. 


Julie H said...

I'm just hoping I get a paycheck in October. I'd try to get a job but I speak English so all the fast food is out.

Kattrina said...

I wish the people we rented from had your mentality and would get a second job in order to fix our crappy condo. We have a broken heating system, air conditioner, and dryer and we need to windows and insulation in the roof (and many, many other things). And our electricity bill is $300, which is ridiculous and means something is wrong but they are not interested in fixing anything.

And I wish my husband were handy like yours....

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Oh I feel your pain! You can reframe the windows but by the time you figure in lumber & new siding or whatever needs to cover it you'll probably be over the $3000 the windows alone cost

Shirley said...

Dude! Chris just replumbed the entire house and it's depressing. I can't exactly bring my neighbors over to check out my new plumbing.

Martha Hokenson said...

Damn. To be fair I would also be pissed if my husband did something like that...thank God he's handy around the house. I would also be super-excited about the toilets, it's not weird at all. It's just one of "those things". A clean working bathroom makes everyone happy. One with wrecked toilets makes for a nightmare!

Ruth said...

Are you going to buy the windows and put them in yourself? If so, home improvement places always have sales during the winter. One year we bought insulation and it sat in the garage for a long time before we came up with rest of the money to remodel our room. But, that also means maybe toilets on sale too.