Thursday, November 14, 2013

Toilets aren't so awful after all.

Honestly, it does not feel like it's been since August since I last updated you on the toilet situation up in here. And then this one when I made my discovery. But apparently according to Blogger that is the case and for that I apologize.

Which makes it sound like this situation has been corrected for months now and you should all know full well- things don't work fast around here when it comes to projects for Matt. He prefers to call it the "slow and steady" and I call it the "slow and lazy". We agree to disagree. (Though come now, we know I'm right.)


So I'll tell you right off the bat- the toilets are BOTH replaced. Yes, you heard me right- BOTH toilets have been replaced. It came down to me paying off the Home Depot card only to send him to Home Depot to go and get me a toilet. The plan was for us to replace the leaking one upstairs first because leaks outweigh gross any day. I had looked up online how to really clean a tank and so while he did that, I was going to clean the shit out of the weirdo moldy toilet downstairs.

Which ended up being a fail because after scrubbing for almost an hour, as soon as I flushed it, bam- black stuff. I couldn't even tell where it's coming from so it makes me think there is a larger issue at hand than just a moldy inside of the tank. Which prompted me to call Matt, who was still at Home Depot, and tell him to fuck it all- come back with two toilets. That match. Because I can be a wee bit difficult.

The downer is that he ended up getting elongated bowls because he felt like his comfort trumps space, so while it's fine for the upstairs bathroom, it's not really fine for the downstairs bathroom. It just feels like it's taking up far more space than what is needed. Anyways. So he came home and put the new toilet in upstairs. And it went in fine but he had me go to Home Depot to get like shim things.

This makes is sound like we live down the road from Home Depot, which we do not. It's like a 15 minute drive or so without traffic one way. But when he came back I thought it was best to go shopping and not be there to nit pick. Which turned out to be a fail because as I was backing out of my parking spot, and I was in the process of putting my vehicle in drive, an old lady backed into me.

Because of course.

My vehicle really is fine, her bumper corner is totally smashed in. We exchanged info, I called Matt only to get yelled at, and then I came home.

Which is when he told me that one toilet per weekend is all I get.

So I had to wait another full two weeks before the next toilet was installed.

And when that was removed? I cannot even BEGIN to tell you the disgustingness of that wax ring. It was hands down, the grossest thing I've seen. I really should have taken a picture of it because honestly- it was no longer ring shape for one, it was completely black, and it wasn't really the wax rubber material, it was completely broken down. It was basically rotting under the toilet.


So the new toilet went in and Jackson supervised the installation of that one. Oh and now I have to totally paint that bathroom (we haven't repainted in there yet) because the tank is smaller than the old one and you can see the old wall paper.

Oh, you read that right. Someone put wall paper in a freaking bathroom.

*face palm*

Needless to say, it's really nice to urinate and know you aren't going to step in your own pee that has leaked out of the toilet. It's also nice to not clean the toilet bowl every other day and have it still not make a difference at all.

Oh! The next issue? The upstairs bathroom. Now, we painted that bathroom soon after we moved in. But what I'm noticing is that the upper part of the wall on the inside of the shower has weird black streaks. Kind of like... you know when a person smokes in their house and when you clean the wall  you get the streaks of nicotine? It's like that, but dark gray/black. You can easily wipe it off and it's fine... but then it comes back a few days later. But it's only near the shower, not the rest of the bathroom. The wall gets moisture, not like water beating on it, but condensation basically, so I don't know if that's it? Who knows.

I can't wait to try to diagram how the electrical works up in here. Let's just say a professional electrician didn't do it. At least we hope not.


Ruth said...

When I moved in here, my bathroom had layers of wall paper. And it was painted on top of those layers. My kitchen ceiling has wallpaper on it. I can't wait to be able to redo my kitchen.
Yay for new toilets!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Those black streaks sound like you have a ventilation issue. Maybe the fan isn't working right or maybe it isn't turned on every time someone takes a shower. (my husband assumed that fan was only for smell issues & never turned it on when showering, until I made him start cleaning the shower) We had something similar in ours and it turned out, in addition to DHs issues, the fan was just worn out and not circulating/venting the air like it should so we had to replace it.