Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday.1

I'm totally on the boat for this Throwback Thursday business. Mostly because as of late I've been sorting pictures on my computer and I found some that I totally forgot I even had.

But because my birthday is happening on the 10th, I decided maybe I should do one of me being adorable. That turned out to be really hard because man, I was super adorable as a little kid. So I picked a couple.

 I'm clearly like, two years old here? I don't have a weird thing on my face, it's something on the actual picture. But dammit- I'm so adorable
 My sailor outfit! I so loved this outfit! I remember it zipped down the front and I vividly remember zipping my stomach skin in it. That wasn't awesome but I totally loved this outfit.
 I kind of want to bite my own cheeks here.
Aw... me sleeping with my beloved Rainbow Dash pony and not far from me was my very best friend, Smurfette, who I affectionately call Furfy. I still have my Furfy and when it's a particularly rough patch in life, she's always with me.


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Tamara said...

You're adorable. Whether you're 2 or 32. Just saying.