Saturday, December 27, 2014

Photo Play

Raise your hand if you are in the market for a really fast, erotic read? Perfect, here you go.

Photo Play - Pam McKenna
Photo Play
Shy Darla Carmody decides to jump-start her flaccid love life by presenting her fianc with sexy photos of herself. She doesn't bargain on the photographer, Kon Drummond, being a hunky Dom determined to personally demonstrate what she's been missing. The photo session turns into a BDSM marathon as Kon introduces Darla to the erotic pleasures of bondage, spanking and complete sexual submission-all under the unforgiving lens of his camera. Never has Darla imagined herself on the receiving end of such treatment, or guessed the ecstasy it would bring. Kon has been burned by three expensive divorces and refuses to acknowledge his emotional connection to Darla. He taught her to embrace a part of herself she never knew existed. Will he let her return the favor?

On my Nook, this came in at 57 pages and I read it in about a half hour. So if you are a fan of erotica, and you don't have a ton of time and really don't want to get involved in a deep story line, this is definitely a book for you. It's basically a one night stand for readers. 

The story is basically about Darla, who is engaged but having basically a lackluster sex life, so she comes to Kon Drummond to spice things up. Her goal is to have sexy pictures of herself that will hopefully make her look irresistible to her fiance and maybe encourage him to do more than the basic three minute duty he's currently doing. 

Only it turns out that Kon Drummond is a little bit of a pervert who straddles the line of rape kind of close. Now, he doesn't rape her in the story so calm down. But he basically persuades her to the point where she agrees to essentially cheat on her fiance and have a really mind blowing afternoon of beginner BDSM sex. Kon is steadfast that he wants nothing more than an afternoon of play and is surprised that afterwards, he has some feelings towards Darla that he doesn't fully understand. 

Darla, for her part, feels the same way. She realizes things won't work with fiance because she's bitten the forbidden apple so to speak, but she isn't sure what to do about Kon, either. 

I can't give you much more than that without fully ruining the ending for you, but I think you get the general idea. But this is a great book if you are a fan of erotica. If you aren't at all, steer clear because about 90% of this book is sexually explicit and you'll hate it. BUT, if you're a fan, you'll love it and you'll feel like a badass getting a book done so quickly. 

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