Wednesday, February 11, 2015

28 - 12

Well today is officially week 28 of pregnancy. I have twelve weeks to go, which means I'm seven months along and in my third (and last) trimester. Which on one hand is CRAZY that I'm already this far and on the other it's like, are you kidding me? This is it? Good gravy, I'm never going to give birth.

Which is crazy because Penelope will be here before we know it.

So here's some stuff that's happened since last week's update:
I've certainly gotten larger, that's for sure. The really nice thing is that so far (knock on wood) literally all of my weight gain is stomach. I can still comfortably wear my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans from Maurices, and though I can get my pre-pregnancy regular jeans on and buttoned, they aren't comfortable for long because there is just no give. So that makes me feel pretty good because that absolutely was not the case with my first two pregnancies.

My stomach is rock hard all of the time. I think that's the same thing I mentioned last week, but it literally is never not hard. Which is really annoying because being able to sit comfortably would be a treat.

Let's see.... what else? Oh! Yes, almost every day for periodic periods, I feel like I have been kicked in the vagina. I'm not kidding. I also don't remember that from my other pregnancies. Which is making me wonder if I have early on set dementia or something because I just can't believe Penelope is THAT different than the other two.

Then again, maybe this is a sign of what's to come and you can all remind me of this conversation when I describe the horrors of raising a third child.

Oh, heartburn? Ohhhhh man. Heartburn is horrible and I seriously might even say it is worse than when I had it with Olivia. I clearly remember that from her pregnancy. With her I had it 24/7 from day one until a few days after she was born. Didn't matter what I ate or drank, no over the counter medicine did anything for me. This time it's not 24/7 but it comes out of nowhere and once it's here, forget it. It hurts. Again, no over the counter medicine is helping so I'm basically just dealing with it.
But in super fun news! I've gotten some baby presents in the mail from a friend and that was super exciting! I had registered at Target for my upcoming baby shower (next weekend!!!) and she found these cut things on there. The play gym and receiving blankets came yesterday in separate boxes and the kids were super excited.
Then today, this little guy came too from Kim so it was a bonus thing because she said two packages were coming, and I assumed that they already came. But this little guy is super cute and plays songs and announces colors. The kids again thought it was fun. Olivia found a spot for it in Penelope's room.

Oh, speaking of room! I'm almost done with it. Seriously this time. I found a couple of wall things that Matt is going to put up this weekend. A friend is making me wall art too, and I'm excited to see it. So pretty soon I'll take pictures of everything. It's maybe the most Pinterest worthy room in the house!

So this is what 28 weeks feels like. Easily the best part is feeling her move around. I forgot how much I loved that. Well not really forgot, you never forget that, but I feel like I'm really going to miss feeling that a lot more this time around once she's born. But for right now, it's a nice way to go to sleep and a nice way to wake up- with her rolling around and occasionally kicking the crap out of my bladder.


Life Love & High Heels said...

With the shower next wknd- omg Im feeling panicky!

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Claire said...

Not long now!! I had no idea you can register for a baby shower lol

Ruth said...

Maybe it is cause I only have one kid, but I thought everyone got a hard stomach.