Monday, February 9, 2015

The Unidentified Redhead

I need more Alice Clayton in my life. I mean, what more can I really say?

The Unidentified Redhead - Alice Clayton
The Unidentified Redhead (Redhead, #1)
The first in USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton’s Redhead series is a playful and erotic romance between an aspiring actress and Hollywood’s hottest new leading man.

When Grace Sheridan returns to Los Angeles to become a working actress, it’s a second shot at a life-long dream. With some help from her best-friend agent, will that dream become a reality—or at thirty-three, has Grace missed her chance at the big time? And when an unexpected sizzling romance with Jack Hamilton, the entertainment industry's newest “it” boy, threatens to shine an uncomfortable spotlight on her life, how will that affect her career…and his?

Funny, borderline neurotic Grace is perfect in her imperfections, and the sexual chemistry between her and charming yet blissfully unaware Jack is off the charts. With laugh-out-loud dialogue and a super-steamy romance that will get your heart racing, sneaking around in L.A. and dodging the paparazzi has never been so fun.

I'm going to be honest. I'm really incredibly torn to read any more of this series because I want Grace and Jack to be a forever thing. I don't want her stupid move to New York to ruin it, and I don't want him becoming this huge movie star to ruin it. It's just too perfect and great. I saw the previews for the next two books and I just.. I don't know. I want them to stay perfect and in my head, make up the dream ending for them. So I'm on the fence. 

Which means I'll totally read them because we know how I am with a series, no matter how terrible it is, I'm going to finish it because I am an addict and I have a true problem. 

But I absolutely loved this book. The only thing I didn't love was the emphasis on the age difference between Grace and Jack, which is 9 years. Which, OK- could be a huge deal but honestly? Who even cares. They both went into this thinking it would be a tryst. It turned out to be an amazing tryst, blowing the expectation for both of them, so yes, that makes it an issue worth discussing. But if he doesn't seem bothered by it, why should she care? 

I also don't know what the fuss about Michael was. Michael is the guy Grace really liked in college. She played a little too hard to get and he didn't bite, and she was basically devastated. But instead of having an actual conversation with him, she doesn't until she sees him so many years later... when Jack is in the picture. This is obviously setting up for book 2 where Grace is in New York, working with Michael and I'm sure something "develops" between them and yeah. We know how that will play out. 

This is a fun read, a good romance novel that'll have you laughing, definitely smirking, and you'll find yourself adding Alice Clayton books to your Goodreads To-Read list. You can find this book on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble

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