Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Keebler screwed me over.

So this weekend I had to go grocery shopping. I'm going to admit fully that being at home all day with Penelope means I do a LOT of snacking throughout the day. It's not even healthy stuff, it's crackers, cookies, and ice cream. Sometimes I forget to eat a meal because it means I will be too full to have cookies and ice cream and that's not a world I want to live in.

But this weekend there were some sales on cookies and other snack things, which is clearly the universe telling me to continue this trend. One item on sale was Keebler cookies, 2 for $5. BUT! I had coupons, so I would end up getting 2 for $3.75. Deal.

I opt for the ol' standby, those shortbread cookies with the chocolate drizzle on them. Who doesn't love those things? (I do. I love them a lot and my family didn't even know we had them because they are now gone.) I also buy these, because the package feels like I'm getting a bunch and they look good. But when I got home and opened them?

My level of pissed off cannot be measured. You see, it's not a real package of cookies. No. It's only EIGHT. Eight lame ass cookies. EIGHT. Who buys a package with only EIGHT cookies? Normally my argument for buying pre-packaged cookies is that it would cost me more to make the damn things and who has that kind of time? But had these not been on sale, I think they are retailing for $3.99 or so. WHAT A FLIPPING RIP OFF, Keebler. They aren't even big cookies.

I of course ate a cookie out of anger at this point. And then discovered that it's not even real marshmallow in the middle! It's like a weird marshmallow flavored paste. It's absolutely foul. I then make both kids and Matt eat these because I have to know if my tastes post-third-baby have gone astray, but no- they also confirm how incredibly disgusting these are. Not only are you trying to process marshmallow paste, but the graham cracker is so dry and crumbly it has the consistency of cardboard that was once wet but now dry and brittle.

And then I just got angry all over again that I spent any money on these damn things.

I obviously then went and had some ice cream because Edy's Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream NEVER lets me down.


The Flynnigans said...

I've missed your rant posts lol

thotlady said...

My go to cookie is chocolate chip. But they have to be homemade or from a bakery. I never like the package chocolate chip cookies.

On an unrelated note, I tried the new S'mores frappacino at Starbucks. So, so delicious.

Steff said...

I thought you were going to say the package was empty when you opened it! hahaha

Julie H said...

Marshmallow cookies don't do anything for me anyways. I do like those shortbread ones though ;)

Unknown said...

What a pisser; I hate when the package has less than you thought. This happened to me with Red Velvet Oreos. They were 50 cents more than regular, but I wanted to try them and when they were delivered the package only had 3/4 the amount of cookies! They were OK, but eating them made me angry, so I gave them to my neighbor!
A great ice cream is Ben & Jerry's chocolate brownie yogurt. I like it better than the regular ice cream. And you can tell yourself you're eating yogurt which is good for digestion.