Thursday, December 10, 2015

I Love My Pet Elephant

I am absolutely love children's books, even more so because I have three kids who love to read and be read to. It's been a fun little spurt of fun book review opportunities for them to participate, and this was no exception!

I Love My Pet Elephant - Lauren Micchelli

Here is a cute little story about a girl who happens to have a pet elephant named Pete. The book covers all of the things they like to do together like sledding down snowy hills, ride bikes, swim, and more. The pages are beautifully illustrated, the story is an easy read and kids are engaged. I'd say easily a beginning reader could master this book with little help from you, and is a GREAT book for an older sibling to read to a younger sibling! We have a Horton the Elephant stuffed animal which Penelope played with while Jackson read her the story, and they both had a good time, especially when Jackson started making elephant noises and pretending to be one! I highly suggest this book if you have a kiddo in your life that likes books that are a little bit silly, full of imagination, or pretends to have a fantastic pet like Pete. You can ask what would they do if they had a pet elephant, it's sure to be a fun conversation! Lots of easy rhymes as you go through the story of this girl and her best friend.

You can buy I Love My Pet Elephant on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, of course. Lauren Micchelli actually has written several children's books so if you are looking to make a fun little book set as a Christmas gift, you can find her other books on Amazon as well.

Lauren Micchelli is a newly published author, having penned her first book in 2014. She has since continued the Snootzytime Adventures of Maddie and Murphy series, and went on to publish A Day of What Ifs and I Love My Pet Elephant. Impressively, she was the recipient of the New Book Award 2015 for I Love My Pet Elephant. You can find Lauren on her website and also Twitter!

There is a fabulous giveaway happening where you could win 1 of 5 print copies, 1 of 3 ebook copies, or an Amazon gift card! Good luck and happy reading, friends!

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