Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Golden Yarn

Now, the first two books of this series has been on my to-read list for awhile but when I got the chance to review this one, I jumped in and figured I'd catch up later. Which admittedly, put me a little behind and I was a little lost for part of the book because I didn't know the backstory, but overall, great book.

The Golden Yarn - Cornelia Funke
I had a friend who is familiar with the first two books tell me that she really is like the "German J.K. Rowling" which is really true because Cornelia's stories are just as complicated and layered as Harry Potter. I will say though, it doesn't have the charm that makes Harry Potter live in the hearts as so many. I think if enough people gave this series a shot, they'd be enthralled with it as well. Also, I read this book twice because as I finished it, I felt like something wasn't quite right and truly- on my second reading I somehow missed small details that you'd think pointless but in the end, they really mean something after all. Which is how I felt about Harry Potter, so I have to give it to this author, brilliantly written.

And while I don't know the other two books, I was absolutely hooked. Clearly I have missed so much so I am missing some very basic, probably pretty crucial, character development so that makes me sad. Here's what I thought: poor Jacob. Does he just really never catch a break? He fights a LOT of demons in this book and there are things that threaten his future and I just... I don't know. I felt terrible for him and I really have to know what's going to happen in book four. I feel very on edge.
Kami'en and.. a fairy? A dark fairy? I mean, I'm not 100% sure what a dark fairy is but that story line was SOLID. Admittedly, I teared up. The dark fairy needs to be killed in order to save Will's girlfriend Clara, but ugh. I can't tell you how that ends up but man... good stuff.

Lots of loose ends at this book which only opens the door for book four, and since this is a new release, we have a long wait. What you do know is that the world beyond the mirror is expanse and it is complex. Nothing is really what it seems, every character is complicated and everything comes together... we're just waiting to see how all of these strings of story come together in the end. It's like a giant ball of yarn. We know some of the strings, and we know what they can do together, but when they all come together in one large ball... what will we have left? What kind of ending are we going to get?

I guess we wait.

I highly recommend this series if you have a Harry Potter fan in your life because I think they will really appreciate the complexity of the story and I think they will appreciate all of it coming together as it does. Easily.

To find out more about the Mirrorworld series, or her other books, you can visit Cornelia Funke's website HERE. You can find your very own copy of The Golden Yarn on Amazon right now. 

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I'm going to show this book to my stepson. He is a huge Harry Potter fan!