Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The calm before the storm

I'm just now going through photos on my phone and trying to organize things and I realize, I have fun photos from before Lucy's birth that I never got to share with you!

So the day before I went into labor, we spent some time walking around Duluth being tourists and just hanging out together, figuring once the baby was here that quality time would be limited. And how right I was.
We went to a park, took in the pretty lake and looked at some cool stuff.
Penelope got to see flowers, her most favorite thing in the entire world. It was everything in her to not pick them and to not climb into the actual bushes.
Then we headed down to Canal Park because I figured we could have lunch down there and the kids could throw some rocks into the water.
Which Penelope absolutely LOVED. She could have thrown rocks all day but we bribed her with food to get her away from the water.
Not before her picture with dad while sitting on a big rock. She didn't totally get why the giant rock could not come home with us.
We even got a quick picture of us while I held Penelope's hand so she didn't run off towards Olivia and Jackson. Or seagulls.
Obligatory summer picture, sadly Penelope didn't want to cooperate.
We ended up having lunch at Grandma's Restaurant and it was great as usual. Penelope was quite the love bug. We had to head home afterwards because I was pretty tired and ended up taking a nap while Penelope did.
And I can't leave you without a belly shot, what would become the very last one of this pregnancy at 39 weeks. It's worth noting that after this photo was taken, right around dinner time, I have no actual memory of anything until the day I leave the hospital. I'll share Lucy's birth story this week, as best as I can piece together from what I've been told and texts that I apparently had before all hell broke loose. But it's weird to look at that picture and think- that was it. That was my last day pregnant ever.

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