Friday, January 26, 2018

Baby Come Back

You need to see my review from yesterday so you understand why I am obsessed with these books.

Baby Come Back - Molly O'Keefe


I sold my soul a long time ago to pay my father’s debts. Now my life is a prison: no friends. No family. Nothing it would hurt to lose.

I never should’ve touched Abby. I tried not to, but she is beautiful, magnetic, sexy. Everything I want but can't let myself have.


She seduced me not knowing who I was or what I really do in the shadows. I should have resisted her, but I wanted to be the man Abby thought I was for as long as I could.

But all debts must be paid, sooner or later. And mine are paid with blood.

Now Abby knows who I am, what I am, and she’s run from me.

I would have let her go for her own good. But when I find out she’s carrying my baby — there’s nowhere she can hide…

Alright, I thought I loved Bad Neighbor, but I think I love this one even more! We have Abby, a self proclaimed shots girl with no real future or purpose, low self image, and no confidence. We have Jack, paying the debts of his father to the mob as a punisher/enforcer and he hates it. Fate aligns when Abby shows up to The Moonlight with her friends/coworkers for an event and spies Jack, looking dark and sexy but reading a book at the bar. Intrigued, she goes to make conversation and sparks fly.

They embark on a three day sex binger but quickly life reminds them that this relationship isn't going to work so Abby leaves, only to come back and see Jack murder someone in cold blood. She runs, OBVIOUSLY, and Jack goes after her. She's pregnant and that presents challenges for them both when he catches up to her. How is Jack going to handle the mob? Can Abby save herself from a boring, unfulfilled life, and do right by her baby?

You guys- I LOVED THIS BOOK. The sex scenes are great but not even over the top, but Jack... I kind of loved Jack. I kept picturing the guy from The Matrix with a Hispanic twist the entire time. The best part of the book is the end has an appearance from Jesse and Charlotte from book one, gives you glimpses into the future for them all, and ends feeling like a complete book duo. Truly, Molly O'Keefe cannot fail.


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