Thursday, June 21, 2018

Book Review: A Game of Chance

The best part of Jackson having tennis in the summer means it's a guaranteed hour to myself to read. I occasionally look up to make sure he's still out there but for the most part I'm reading because I don't understand tennis. Their scoring is bizarre. Anyways, I'm going through my old Linda Howard books that I just ordered and I faintly remember reading this one long ago but I could be wrong.

A Game of Chance - Linda Howard
Romantic suspense, originally published by Silhouette Intimate Moments. The last book in the Mackenzie Family series focuses on Chance Mackenzie, a feral, homeless adolescent until rescued and adopted by Wolf and Mary Mackenzie. The stunning and aloof half-breed has built a career in undercover ops, first as a Naval Intelligence Officer, then as a private consultant. However, one particularly vile terrorist has always eluded the law. Chance and brother Zane find a way to lure Crispin Hauer in: They'll use his daughter Sonia as bait. First step: Make Sunny fall in love with Chance. What could be simpler? 
Alright, the general premise of this is almost identical to Loving Evangeline in that it's a guy seducing a girl to get information out of her with the intentions of walking away afterwards. It doesn't happen because the girl is so seductive and amazing that he can't imagine a life without her. This one has a more modern take at relationships and the guy doesn't speak to the woman as if she's a helpless moron so already it has that going for it.

The other perks being that if you're into a military romance, this hits the mark because Chance is a Naval Intelligence Officer, posing as an ex-Army Ranger turn charter pilot. Sunny is a courier on the side but always on the run from her father who happens to be a terrorist. Chance is after her, and information about her father, and prepared to use her as a bait to get it. He has a traumatic back story, as does she, so they end up being a great match for each other.

Overall I'm giving this one 4 stars. It's the Linda Howard I enjoy, it's short and a relatively fast read, it's got an interesting story with complex characters and it was a fun little read. Great for the beach or tossing into your purse to read little bits at a time, though there are parts you won't want to put it down!

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