Friday, August 3, 2018

Book Review: All That Glitters

I'll blog about Lucy's birthday next week since we're having her "party" tomorrow so I'll have some pictures, undoubtedly of her being adorable. For today I have a book review to keep up with my goal of getting through all of Linda Howard's books and I tell you- the older ones do NOT age well. It's comical at this point.

All That Glitters - Linda Howard

Greek billionaire playboy Nikolas Constantinos intended to conclude the business deal with Jessica Stanton, a.k.a. The Black Widow, as quickly as possible. Love hadn't been part of his plan. A hot affair or a one-night stand was all he'd allow.  Because love would lead to marriage. And marriage to Jessica, a woman with a scandalous past, could ruin him.

But love was the one thing he couldn't control.

This actually started alright, Nikolas is a billionaire who is having trouble with his company and a solution to that would be to buy Jessica's shares, thus eliminating her "no" votes that she consistently does. Jessica knows she can't possibly fight him and honestly, they are just shares so she goes in with the intent to sell them and be done with the guy.

Except it becomes lust at first sight for Nikolas whereas Jessica, who despite being married is still a virgin and an inexperienced woman in all things relationship, so she hightails it out of there. Nikolas won't be deterred so he basically stalks here and shows up while her dog is having puppies and he lends a hand. Somehow this turns into dinner out and the tabloids have a field day with it because Jessica is perceived to be a gold digger, who only married her husband for his money and then he died, leaving everything behind for her. That's exactly how Nikolas sees her as well so he is willing to have an affair but anything beyond that? Not so much.

Well nothing goes as planned and all of a sudden Nikolas is marrying Jessica (honest to god the reason is so absurd you have to read it) and he is coming off like a complete dickhead whereas Jessica is in love and kind of stupid and naive, and the whole thing is crazy pants.

Anyways. There was so much wrong with this book that any modern day feminist would have a coronary so if that's you maybe shy away from this. This was first published in 1982 I think, so back then this was probably romantic and interesting but in 2018 it's nuts and you would have a restraining order and have moved before a guy you hardly know got to this point. So I'm giving this a 2 because it was so bizarre and laughable. Oh man. 1980s romances- you are something else.


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