Monday, December 10, 2018

Weight Loss Challenge, ep. 7

So last week was a dud. I have some goals for this week and I set some alarms on my phone, and left myself some notes about what I need to do during the day. It sounds really dumb, but just because I know what my alarm means today, doesn't mean I'm going to remember on Thursday. The only day that might be a challenge for me is Wednesday because Penelope has a parent activity day at school and I'm going to that. Then on Thursday it's Lucy's play day at the community play group so we are going to go. Olivia also has her band concert that night! With that said, I'll have to put a reminder up so I can remember to change my alarm those days to sometime during nap time. Which I think I can do.

What's really cool is I found my resistance loops! I bought these online a few months ago and I remember using them for I think the prenatal/post natal workout on Beachbody on Demand and they are no joke. I was using the easiest one (the green one) and I'm not kidding, my thighs were screaming the next day. So if you're looking to make your regular workouts harder, put these on your legs as you do various things, it doesn't feel like it's doing anything but the day after you will notice.

My next challenge? I have to finder lighter weights. I have small 3 pound weights right now, but to be honest? Those are too much for me. I have to go lighter and I feel 100% stupid going into the store to do that, so I'm going to get these after Christmas on Amazon.
The unexpected win from this week? I've been hip deep in making Christmas cookies and treats and I've only had three cookies. That's it. I'm just not into them this year. So let's hope this a trend that continues. Have four kids and a husband who like them all helps a lot. Ha! 

Alright, tomorrow I have a book review for you, and I've got a couple other posts for you later this week, including one I'll share from the Duluth Moms Blog about Christmas organization. Stay tuned! 

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

I have light weights at my house and I really need to start using them. I'm sure no matter how light they are, it will feel like too much though because I swear my arms are weak. LOL That's great you haven't been eating all the cookies you're making. I'm trying really hard to not dive into all of it!