Tuesday, December 4, 2018

What a girl wants... for Christmas

It's been brought to my attention that I have not posted my annual Christmas wish list. Matt has already started shopping and though I had given him access to my Amazon wish list, I hope he doesn't go rogue and get me a gift he thinks I'll like better. Like the time he got me a tool box with my own tools and I never got to use it because he used the tools and never put them back. All I have is an empty box.

This year my list is kind of long because I've been told I don't give very many options so I'm trying to please the masses. I feel like I'm the easiest person to shop for because I just like opening presents. The more the merrier. HA! I'll have to make an entirely different post on the books I want because who wants to read an actual novel for a blog post?

(If you click on the photo or the bright green text it'll take you to the Amazon page should you want this for yourself)

4x6 Photo Keeper

I am trying to get back into scrapbooking but because I am SO behind, my pictures are in piles and are becoming really hard to manage. I need one spot to store them in so I'm not getting them all mixed up.

A Fancy Fanny Pack for Walking/Running

A major obstacle I have when I go for walk/runs is that I have no place to put my key, phone, ID, whatever. I need a fanny pack. I don't want a dorky one.

A Laptop Bag

I know,  you're like, "Sara, you hardly leave the house, why do you need this??". To that I say, I'm at dance for three hours on Mondays. I could be using that as dedicated time to write my book. I have to bring my laptop. My laptop does not have a good battery (it has to be plugged in always) and if I want to bring all of that, I need a bag. But a pretty one would be nice, right?

An Instant Pot

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon. I'm finding that I have become really lazy. On days I don't use a crockpot for our dinner, I just don't cook. By the end of the day I just can't muster the brain power it takes to cook. I'm exhausted. I'm hoping this is a solution. But if I'm going to have something hanging out on my counter, it should be pretty. This one matches my kitchen decor.


Aren't these socks amazing? Who doesn't want these socks??

Hair Straightening Brush

It doesn't have to be this one, but I want to try one of these brushes. I prefer my hair straight but I need to block off 45 minutes to do it and it still is wavy. My arm goes numb, so this is becoming a problem. Have you tried one of these?


These lipsticks are SO cool. It's like a color pencil and you color your lip in. You legit cannot screw this up. Unless maybe you can't color within lines and then I say you've got bigger problems in your life than your lip color.

Makeup Brushes 

I need one of these kinds of foundation brushes. I have a tapered one and it's TERRIBLE. Who uses that?! I need one of these.

Mint Shampoo and Conditioner

I'll take either one of these, but I have become obsessed with mint conditioner.

Night Cream. I'm serious. 

It has come to my attention that I am of the age that a night cream to fix my face is in order.

Lap Desk

Let's be honest, sometimes I want to write away from my kids and family. I'd like to do it in my room and I need a desk so I don't lose my snacks in my bedding. Also, I have somewhere to put my laptop. But snacks are the priority.


I won't even tell you what I use for foundation. Some actual foundation would be kind of nice.


I'm an XL. Again, if you saw what my nightgowns look like, you would be ashamed.


I don't want to talk about it.

Those are just a few of my favorite things. Honestly, I like any gift I get. I feel like people put thought into things and if you thought of me when you were at a store and thought it was something I'd like, then I'm going to like it.

What's on YOUR Christmas list?


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I love seeing what people put on their wish lists. I'm always okay with getting socks. Socks are awesome. My sister just got an Instant Pot, so now she needs to cook for me.


San said...

Thanks for sharing your wish list! I love taking a peek at other people's wishes... I have heard good things about the instant pot, but will I really use it (I love my slow cooker but don't use it nearly often enough - maybe it would be different with an instant pot?)

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I've debated the Instant Pot too. I'm thinking we'll end up with one sooner or later! Socks are always on my list too. I'm so hard on my socks I find myself needed new ones often!

Unknown said...

Socks are always on my Christmas list because let's be honest, as much as I like being barefoot my feet are ALWAYS cold. I've heard good reviews on those NudeStix, so if I get a gift card to Ulta or Sephora I'm getting some.

I desperately just want some Lowes/Home Depot gift cards on top of money this year. Like, I have so much shit around my house I have to do but no money to do it with. Let momma get her HGTV on


Julie H said...

I picked out an instapot for myself from my mom. I couldn't think of anything I wanted and I feel left out my friends talk recipes lol

Shann Eva said...

I've gotten in the habit of doing an Amazon wish list too because my husband has no idea what to get me. I'm a little behind this year, but you've given me a few ideas. I've never tried the straightening brush, but I'd love to be able to straighten my hair faster too. I already have a lap desk, and that is certainly a great gift. I use mine every night.

Emily said...

That is a great list. I definitely need to get a fanny pack as well. I always have that problem of not having somewhere to put my keys, phone, and ID. If you have a local Michaels, they have some really great 4x6 photo keepers. They also have some really great lap desks too.